Cancel Truvanie Persaud

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Truvanie Persaud, the reigning Miss Guyana United Nations International Ambassador 2019-2020 has let Guyana down. 

As an Ambassador for Guyanese people, she is expected to represent ALL Guyanese, regardless of socioeconomic standing, religious beliefs, political views and ethnic makeup.

It is with profound sadness that while we should be celebrating 54 years of Independence from our former colonizers, we are battling another vice; racism. 

These allegations are not being made lightly. Contrary to Ms. Persaud's belief, this is not intended to be a public lynching, but rather a call to have her removed as an Ambassador of the people she claims to represent.

Growing up, we all laughed and said "is de old people" that were peddling racist ideologies. Clearly, it is not.

This is not a one-time offense. Subscribing to blatantly racist posts on Facebook and making statements like "PPP supporters will survive if the country is shut down. They have rice at home unlike...." is unbecoming of any forward thinking, right-minded Guyanese. 

Ms. Persaud has vehemently defended her racist posts by challenging people to find the HEAPING RACIST UNDERTONES littered throughout them. 

Guyana is a beautiful land of a multitude of cultures, shades and peoples. If we do not stand collectively against actions like these, we are encouraging other people who hold these racist belief systems to continue to teach them to their children. We will be responsible for the next 5 generations of racists if we do not act responsibly when we can. A strong message must be sent. There is NO place for it in a developing Guyana. 

If you don't stand for all, you stand for none.

As millennial and Gen-Z culture vocabulary says – let's CANCEL TRUVANIE PERSAUD.