Remove Lora Current as Miss Ohio & Fix Miss Ohio

Remove Lora Current as Miss Ohio & Fix Miss Ohio

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Fix Miss Ohio started this petition to Miss America Organization and

The Miss America Foundation prides itself in being the largest provider of scholarships to women. "Miss America is more than a title, it’s a movement of empowering young women everywhere to dream big, to insist that their voices be heard and to inspire change in the world around them." "The young women involved have made a significant difference in people’s lives through their charitable and community service endeavors, using the national platform to educate millions of Americans on issues facing the nation." (Miss America website)

(All red text are links you can follow for more information/proof on that subject.)

(Taken mostly from the Miss Ohio Chat Forum, but I have verified this to be true.)

Lora Current, a student at OSU, was crowned Miss Ohio in June 2020. It was a very confusing victory because Ms. Current got into the top 10 as the winner of People's Choice, which is a pay to vote competition. Who paid enough to make her the People's Choice? It is a strange "coincidence" that the People's Choice winner went on to win Miss Ohio, especially with all of the connections that are given below. Furthermore, Ms. Current’s talent wasn’t strong, especially compared to other girls. 

Ms. Current through her platform was sponsored by Hempy Water, who also sponsors Miss Ohio.  There is a lot of explanation needed for all of the strange connections between Jeff Knedler/Hempy Water and Miss Ohio, Lora Current; and, how they connect to Miss Ohio. Jeff Kendler is the President of Hempy water, which sponsors Miss Ohio and Read on USA, which is Ms. Current's non-profit and her platform. 

First, Ms. Current incorporated her non-profit with the State of Ohio under her name and Jeff Knedler's home address. Why? (This link shows that this is true.) This  link shows that the address is Jeff Knedler's.

Second, there is proof that Jeff Knedler purchased two of her pageant outfits at Henri’s Cloud Nine (a prominent pageant gown retailer in Columbus, Ohio and also a Miss Ohio sponsor) and it has been alleged that Jeff Knedler paid for at least her evening gown and possibly more of her wardrobe and preparation. This includes training in New York City with Shea Sullivan, a dance teacher that charges approximately $2,000 per session.

Third, they bought livestock together at the Hardin County Fair and she was buying it under her local title, Miss South Central Ohio and again using Jeff's home address. That's very odd. Here is the website for that.

Fourth, why are they attending a fundraiser for Tiffin Right to Life together?  Also, why is a title holder not only attending but speaking at such a controversial political event while using her title. Had she just done so at Lora Current that would be a different matter, not good but different.

The interconnection between Jeff Knedler, the President of Hempy Water and a sponsor of Miss Ohio and Lora Current, the current Miss Ohio who is also sponsored via her platform initiative by Hempy Water must be explained or her title removed and given to the first runner up should be crowned. Someone needs to explain these things but as of now are refusing, including the Miss Ohio Director, Steven Olivieri, the board of Miss Ohio or anyone within the Miss America organization.

The Miss Ohio financials overall are in question as well. What Miss Ohio offers in scholarships versus their operating costs:

Miss Ohio spent $159,166 to produce Miss Ohio 2018 and offered* $42,300 in scholarships. Contestants receive 26%; Miss Ohio’s keeps 74%. Taking into account the winner gets $10,000, the rest of the contestants’ available scholarships are 20% of the budget. Exactly how did Miss Ohio spend that $159,166**? How much did they pay the producer? Are the entertainers being paid more than the contestants win in scholarships? How much did the Board of Miss Ohio spend on attending Miss America?


Here is Miss Ohio’s latest IRS 990 tax form from 2018. Steven is delinquent in filing 2019 & 2020:  ** Expenses are not broken out on the 990 but in Schedule O, which isn’t attached to forms available online.$58,148 is “Contributions & Grants.” Miss Ohio offered $42,300 in scholarships in 2018. *Note, not all scholarships are claimed. The other $15,848 represents non-cash items like hotel rooms, flowers, meals and other donations to Miss Ohio.

Parents/Families/Friends are funding the program via ticket sales and entry fees. A 3-night ticket package is $116. Entry fees via “donations” to Children’s Miracle Network (most of which CMH does not receive) are $500 to state and $100 for each local preliminary. For a family of 4 to attend the pageant & Coronation Ball and pay their daughter’s donations/entry fees, it’s over $1,200 to the Miss Ohio Organization. Miss Ohio gives 5 titles at the end of the year sweeps pageant. The reasons they do that are that first, they only have about half of the preliminaries that they once had; and second, it brings in $3,500 after they give each a $500 scholarship (and that doesn’t include any ad money they raise.)

It is widely known that Steven Oliveri, the President & Executive Director of Miss Ohio and the Board of Directors are rigging the state and some local pageants, using Miss Ohio for their own gain, choosing girls based on whether and their family will be compliant as well as their financial resources and whether Mr. Oliveri and the board likes their family in general. Steven Oliveri and the entire board of Miss Ohio should be replaced. A full audit should take place and they should make available the judges’ scoring for this year’s Miss Ohio fully transparent, not the scores as entered into the computer, the actual voting ballots. Ohio is a disgrace to the Miss America Organization as is our current Miss Ohio, Lora Current.






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