Jewish Women Have Faces

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The Jewish Woman is an integral part of our culture, religion, tradition, mesorah. Jewish women feature prominently in all parts of the Tanach - starting with Chava who was created by HKBH because Man could not be alone, to Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah who made us a tribe, to Esther, who saved the Jewish people from destruction with the help of HKBH. 

Jewish women were never told to hide from view. Jewish women such as Devorah were given front-row access to all of the workings of daily Jewish life. Jewish women are important. Jewish women are vital to our survival as a nation. Jewish women should be cherished, placed on a pedestal, given a spot of honor. 

There are a number of Charedi publications which aim to erase the Jewish woman from its pages. These publications erase a Jewish woman's face, body parts and even her name in some cases. We understand the need to uphold the mitzvah of Tznius. However, by erasing a face, an arm, a name -  we are allowing our own people to erase the Jewish woman in ways that even our most destructive enemies never attempted. 

We would like to encourage these publications to return the Jewish woman from a place of degradation, lowliness and censure to a place of dignity, respect and honor. Publish our faces. 



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