MIS Dress Code

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       Here is my argument. Typically, students at MIS wear oversized shirts, shorts, and some form of athletic shoes. The dresscode says we cannot wear shorts above your midthigh. However, our shirts USUALLY reach somewhere around that length. The school claims they’re just “trying to cover (us) up,” which is completely ridicouls considering you can’t see our shorts/bottom. It is not like we’re trying to show off either. Our shirts are usually baggy anyways. 

       Other schools across the nation allows students in the 7th/8th grade to wear booty shorts, and crop tops. Those schools are not concerned about “covering up” their students. 

       Please don’t get the idea that I’m wanting to dress inappropriately, I’m just saying we want to wear normal shorts. Not mid-thigh-shorts. We are aloud to wear leggings over shorts, which I think would be more offensive considering they’re actually tight. Our shorts aren’t. 

       I’m aware thie has become sort of a mess but please hear me out so that the class of 2024 can be able to wear comfortable clothes. Clothes that make us feel like ourselves/we can express ourselves in.