Improving visa process in Poland

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Dear Head of the Urzad Wojewodzki,

There are several people that have been waiting in the country without being able to return home to visit their loved ones due to waiting times for visa (permits) which can vary from 7 months to over a year.

In 2013 the wait times were 3 months which was already quite a lot, but now it takes sometimes six months to get the first letter asking for extra documentation. Please, make a standard list of necessary documents so we do not have to get extra requests for further documentation later and train the officials properly so they can also inform what is missing during the visit and be polite (soft skills training).

Some people were not able to return home to attend the funeral of loved ones or they came and knew nothing about the long waiting process and had a planned wedding to return to and could not and all this is making our lives more difficult in the country.

The police in the border do not respect the stamps given on our passports during the waiting time and have taken people to prison for this reason just by being near a polish city close to the border. We feel like imprisoned in the country without the possibility to leave and return. If we leave for example on a business trip and an official letter is sent to us we might miss the deadline and get the visa (permit) declined.

We would like to get a short waiting time for receiving our visas( permits), secondly, we would like more staff on the reception desks( English Speaking) to decrease the waiting time on queues and faster response time on the telephones too.

We would like to have our spouses have the same type of visa as we do (for example, one comes for work and the spouse gets a work visa (permit) too) that would allow them to work anywhere and also that our work visas (permit) would allow us to work in any company in the country.

The fact that we have our visa linked to a specific role limits us a lot during our stay in the country and blocks in some cases our promotions because the company will have to request a new visa.

Please help us, we love Poland and would like to have normal lives here without being limited and restricted due to visa (permit) bureaucracy.


We ask your help to improve this situation.

Kind Regards,


Rainer Silva