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Miri Motorsports Park

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We need a proper race track in Miri as its situated in the center of Borneo thus becoming the Motorsport Hub for all motorsports enthusiasts. We from Borneo have many state lands that can be used to build space for events such ad Drag Racing, Drift Challenge and even Autokhana. We have been waiting for many years for a  proper place. We from Borneo cannot afford to join events in West Malaysia due to high expenses. We appeal to the ministry to provide us with the land and facilities as not only this will benefits motorsports lovers but this will also boost the economy and tourism industry. We will have proposal very soon to present to the ministry and hope to achieve this dream. If the other states have one, why not us? Please show your support in signing this petition, we need it.

Written by our LDMC Treasurer,
Ian Ling

“This is an appeal to those who see this.

I know this sounds like something more related to people who enjoy motorsports and cars but I can assure you this relates to you as well. Please read on. I will keep it short on why it is important for all.

Miri is Miri. It always has been in this state and always will be if we continue to live as we always have. What I mean is our economical standing. Whenever an oil crisis hits, Miri gets hit the worst because we are first and foremost the 'Oil Town'.

Miri was built on oil and gas industry and logging which is pretty much dead already. We were invaded by the Japanese during WW2 because of the oil we have. Now, more than ever, we face an uncertain future due to this oil. USA has plans to open new wells and extract what they can to make money. SHELL, one of the biggest operation for Oil and Gas might be moving on. Many other things are going to happen or already are happening and we can't stop it.

This leads to more people either moving out of Miri or losing their jobs as big companies close causing a cascading effect closing down operations for smaller subcontractors. Truth be told. Oil Palm industry which might be Miri's second largest industry is also heading towards failure as countries like Indonesia and even Africa is in progress of becoming larger Oil Palm producers in the world.

We need something new here. We need new industries. We need new money generators. However, new things tend not to do well here as people are sceptical. Big businesses also do not see much merit in being in Miri due to us mainly not being a major city.

Enter domestic tourism. Actually or like come back to the front as this is not new at all. The tourism industry is a huge economic power for us here because Miri is MIRI. We are literally between Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. In fact you can drive to Miri from LAHAD DATU at about the same time one would need to drive from KUCHING to Miri.

So how does this fact help us? Simple. If flights are cheap, you can fly here. If they are not you can still drive here. As anyone. with about RM150 of fuel. You can get here from Kuching. I would assume it be the same from Lahad Datu. Now, how does this relate to this petition?

Motorsports is one of the biggest draw for Miri as it is an event where many enthusiasts gather from both sides easily and compete with each other on the same field. With that in mind, what would you think will happen if we can gather enough support to build a motorsports park right here in Miri?

We can turn Miri into a MOTORSPORTS HUB FOR BORNEO. Literally.

Now how does this influence you and your daily life? Here is the list.

- Hospitality industry:
When out of towners come by they will need a place to stay. That
means hotels, motels, homestays, AirBnB and the like will see new
segment of customers. When they have more customers on the
regular, chances are they will need more staff. Housekeeping, front
desk, cooks, service staff and so on. Positions which can be full time or
available for kids waiting for exam results.

- F&B:
If there are people, there will always be empty stomachs and dry
throats. This translates to more customers in this industry pure and
simple is tourists would not have access to a kitchen.

- Workshops
More motorsports events here means more businesses for workshops
and more demand for competent mechanics. This not only benefits our
motosports community but also you as a person living here.
Motorsports enthusiasts is willing to eat dirt to survive if they can pay
for the best parts and the best mechanics. With that said, everyone
here has a car you need to maintain. If we have more mechanics here
who can take apart an engine with his eyes closed, don't you think that
he can ensure that your car is always healthy?

- Logistic businesses:
This plan is more for grassroot events. Meaning most of the participants will be
your everyday person. Not a professional racing driver. We will need to bring
our race machines to wherever the competition will be held. We will need help
from logistic companies to ship those machines here as most of them are not
meant to be driven on the normal road let alone long distance driving. Imagine
having to ship around 50 cars every event from cities all over Sarawak and
Sabah. That adds up in the long run I believe.
Not forgetting that we will need engines, performance parts, and consumables
which comes from overseas like Japan, Australia, and USA. Yes, we might be
at a grassroot level but we are serious about our Horsepower.

- Misc:
Other business will also see a new set of clientele. Motorsports people
are also family people. We have children, wives, cousins, and friends.
When they come here on a road trip they usually bring some along.
That basically means children looking for their own entertainment.
Wives and girlfriends looking for clothes, shoes and make-up. We have
a lot of that in Miri now. The ladies will agree we are probably just short
a Sephora. I for one am hoping for an IKEA but that is for another day.

So I am asking. Please. Take some time to help us out. When you have similar ideas, we will help you too. This is not just for our passion but it will also help you with making money for yourself and the future of Miri.

Thank you in advance.”

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