Strong Opposition to the Variance Application of SouthGate Towers w/ 03/02/21 Hearing Date

Strong Opposition to the Variance Application of SouthGate Towers w/ 03/02/21 Hearing Date

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Arianna Aguero started this petition to Mirador 1000 Residents and

Dear Neighbors,

Seven years after we fought to keep the peace, quiet and quality of life in our beautiful residential corner of South Beach, we have to come together again. 

A large, noisy and late-opening outdoor bar and restaurant facing the south side of our building, with its main entrance on 10th Street, will be built at Southgate Towers in the coming months unless we act by March 2nd. 

Please read on, sign the petition and join our campaign during the vital City of Miami Beach Design Review Board’s Zoom meeting. 

The international investment group behind the project is trying – through its PR team and the Developer - to sell the idea that this will be an upscale addition to our neighborhood, that noise levels at an outdoor bar can be controlled and that they can keep traffic down on 10th street. 
This is disingenuous to say the least. 

Despite our strong opposition in 2013, the city has already granted the location more than enough leeway for a restaurant to operate. The fact they are seeking to extend the conditions, while trying to underplay their impact, underlines the obvious: they are a business and our quality of life is not their concern. 

The Final Order confirmed in 2013 outlined the restrictions set for Southgate to open a restaurant in the space that was formerly used as a gym. Now they are back for more [Application DRB20-0528 (aka DRB22945)]. As outlined per WAVNA (West Avenue Neighborhood Association), they want to go...

o   FROM: No illuminated signage shall be permitted facing north, DRB Order #22945 Section 5
TO: Illuminated signage permitted until 11:00pm, including the north side.  

o   FROM: No speaker shall be located on the exterior premises, DRB Order #22945 Section B(12)(a)(iv)
TO: Outdoor speakers permitted until 11:00pm

o   FROM: Special Events may not be held on the premises
TO: Special events shall be held, no more than 6 per year

o   FROM: Outdoor seating limited to 75 seats
TO: Outdoor seating limited to 95 seats

o   FROM: No pedestrian access from the north side along 10th Street, DRB Order #22945 Section B(12)(b)(vi)
TO: Pedestrian access to be created on the north side along 10th Street

o   FROM: Interior speakers shall not be located near doors leading to outside
TO: Interior speakers may be located anywhere

o   FROM: No commercial outdoor bar shall be permitted on the premises, DRBB(12)(a)(i).
TO: An outdoor bar is permitted and will close no later than 11:00pm

If successful, 10th Street - already a truncated small street with a major City pump facility and tiny public park - will be inundated with late night Ubers, Taxis, idling vehicles, bar-goers and diners leaving in the early hours, extra garbage collection, commercial deliveries with no time limitations, etc.

We are already assaulted by the Mondrian on one side. The noise from a new outdoor bar and increased capacity restaurant, as well the extraordinary expansion of the use of 10th Street day and night, will make life for those on the south side of the building miserable. It will not only further exacerbate existing Mirador 1000 Loading Dock limitations currently affecting residential deliveries, move-ins/outs, garbage collection, etc. but it will also affect property values and anyone who uses the garage, the park, or the South entrance of our building.

Once these requests are granted, we have NO control. Even if you like the sound of an ‘upscale restaurant’, if this project fails – as is often the case around here - then the next one that comes in won’t even have to play nice with us. Once a massive outdoor bar and speakers are allowed, there is nothing stopping a party bar from moving in. 

This assault on our homes and daily life must be vigorously contested. The application by Southgate Towers should be denied in its entirety.

Please sign this petition in opposition and attend the Design Review Board hearing (members of the public will be given two minutes to speak) to be held on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 9:00 AM via:
Zoom webinar:
Or dial-in via telephone at
o   US: +13017158592, 83628764271#
o   Or Toll Free: 877 853 5257, Webinar ID: 836 2876 4271

Please help us protect our right to quiet enjoyment and property values in this residential building that has been under constant attack by adversarial commercial interests. 

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