Go Green and Clean

Go Green and Clean

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Cynthia Roche started this petition to Mira bhayandar municipality

I am a product of earth as all of a us are. We know enough  to understand that if we want to enjoy peak heath ,vibrant energy and vitality then we should make sure that the surrounding in which we exist & move is pure and hygienic. 

  This impacts our well being and that of our families. Day in and day out we work hard to have a good life but isn't it sad that the health & fitness of our community is going down? Hard earned money going to pay for medical expenses & buy medicines instead of enjoying the fullness of life has to change! We need to transform our attitude & our surroundings to transform our lives & destiny. As simple as that!

The matter that our body  is made of comes from the minerals of the earth , the water content comes from that we consume and these nutrients produced in our body get fired up to produce the energy we require by the air we breathe. Shouldn't we make sure that these things that go into us are of the highest quality? That's life my friends! The vitality that we experience in our being everyday is what makes us come alive in wonderful ways. 

Here are some suggested measures for our area -

Plant more trees in areas that do not have green cover.

Provide pot hole free roads

Make drainage to prevent flooding of roads.

Make water harvesting  compulsory in every society

Composting in societies should be encouraged.

Security men  should be trained in composting for they have no other work most of the time in the society.

Produce recyclable carry bags like the cassova carry bags from Bali. Get the technology and get it going.

The congestion of traffic near SK stone signal should be sorted ..work out a one way lane. Thanks to the one man army who presently shouts his guts out every evening & night !

I love festivals but kindly figure out ways to prevent the accompanying Water , Air & Noise pollution.

Smoking is a lifestyle choice agreed  but so is not to smoke. Therefore , smokers  should maintain a minimum safe distance in public places.

Come on , let's start a movement for ourselves and for the lives to come. That will be our collective legacy for Humanity & Mother Earth. 

Let's make 'Mera Mira Hara Bhara'

Thankyou .



0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!