Put Dustbins every 100 meters of the Mira Road's roads

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Do we want Mira Road to be a word class city?

Today, there is nobody in Mira Road who is unaffected by garbage. Every corner of the city is used as dumping ground for garbage. Mosquitoes, flies and many other insects and diseases are germinating from these garbage mountains and also polluting the whole environment. We have seen it all. Is there any hope? Today, there are amazing examples of small places like Sikkim which have beaten this problem and became a role model in whole India. Sikkim has shown India with right determination and habits things can be changed with the collective action of all of its citizens. Mira Road to become world class city in real term has to take some strict and progressive actions which matches the standards in terms of hygiene and cleanliness of other big cities like New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Melbourne etc.These cities have started with basic requirements of putting at least 1 dustbin in every corner of the roads so that people can throw garbage in the right place.Not only that some of the cities has taken a step ahead and deployed 2 bins with segregation of Solid and Wet waste.So What does it take? Strict administration & then, each and every concerned citizen's right action count. Be it the Ugly Indian or Hanuman Sena, where citizens are doing a cleanup act themselves, or signing this petition, people are making a difference. What can you do? First, sign the petition now. Then get all at home to do the same. Finally, share the petition. Once we reach 5,000 signatures, we will deliver this petition to our CM and MBMC and ask him to immediately take action and allocate a team to deploy dustbins in each corner of the city. Let's save our beautiful city... Our very own Mira Road. CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!

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