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Minuteman Open Campus for Lunch

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Students should have the freedom to eat whatever lunch they want as the school does not have the budget or resources to accommodate the needs of all students diets. If students are old enough to be driving, they are certainly old enough to feed themselves. Minuteman High School is limiting students' wants and needs for the food that they want. For years students at Minuteman have dreamed of being able to leave and get the food they desire to satisfy their hunger. Schools near and far have open campuses, including Lexington High. This school resides within the same town as our Technical school. In addition, this open campus would also help faculty that frequently act upon discipline issues by cutting down on detentions from leaving lunch - giving students detentions because they are trying to eat the food they want is a waste of everyone's time and resources. Before you consider this petition tell us this, why should a school that goes through academic AND a vocational major have no freedom of open campus compared to a public school that does not?

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