Help Alberta's diabetic kids access to new and improved insulin pump technology.

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Type 1 diabetics need access to modern therapeutic technology - The Alberta Government is not allowing it...

Type 1 diabetes affects thousands of kids and adults across Alberta. In Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas ceases to produce its own insulin, which is required to allow sugar to pass into the cells of the body. Without insulin, death comes quickly. Type 1 disabetes is not a preventable disease, it strikes young children of all shapes and sizes without warning and there is no cure. It is a lifelong condition. Fortunately, therapies continue to evolve to help these people live normal lives.

In 2013, the Alberta Government began to fund Insulin Pump Therapy. This program allowed diabetics to have access to life saving and quality of life improving devices without the huge cost that would fall up on their family. The Insulin Pump Therapy Program has been a huge success for Albertan families living with this disease. Proper blood sugar control reduces immediate health costs on the system while saving millions of dollars in future health care costs due to long term complications of the disease. Insulin pumps allow diabetics to lead as normal a life as possible.

PROBLEM: Insulin Pump technology has evolved since the inception of this program, but the devices included in the Alberta IPTP have not. As such, there are now only 2 insulin pumps covered by the program and are becoming obsolete. Currently there is no signal by the Alberta Government that they will expand the program to include new and better technology. Additionally, as no new insulin pump producers/producers have been added to the approved device list, there are only 2 options available to Albertans, both of which are outdated technology which will soon be retired. This is an important point. Tandem Diabetes pumps, Medtronic Pump, and Omnipod have produced newer models, with advanced technology, better blood sugar control, that are NOT included in the program. It's important to note that these new pumps cost no more than their predecessors did in 2013. The IPTP needs to modernize and expand to include available and future modern insulin pump delivery systems and blood sugar monitoring devices to give our diabetics the best possible chance at long term positive health and well being.

SOLUTION: A review was completed on the program finding that the therapy was very important to the health and well being of these Albertans, yet no action has been taken. We are asking that the Alberta Government update the IPTP program to include newer technology while still respecting patient choice of the multiple approved devices in this field. Alberta is one of the only Provinces in Canada that is not offering coverage for modern and available devices. As our Province leads the Country in so many ways, it should also lead the Country in the health for all Albertans. Please Minster Shandro and Premier Kenney, commit to supporting Alberta's diabetic patients have access to the most current blood sugar management devices.