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Change Minot Public School's Check Out Process

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During the 2016-2017 school year, I went to check my kindergartener out of school. When I arrived, they buzzed me right into the locked door at the school, asked me my child’s name and teacher’s name. That was it. They didn’t ask me for any identification, they didn’t ask me my relationship to the child, nothing. This was alarming to me as I could have been just anyone. There’s no way they knew me, or my child as this was her first year attending school. I asked the secretary why they didn't ask any questions - because when I attended school many years ago in Florida, my parents needed a form of ID, a password, and their name had to be on an index card that was provided to the school at the beginning of the school year and no one else that wasn’t on that list could check out the child. After we left the school, I called the school board and I spoke with the Assistant Superintendent. We spoke for a bit and she told me she would research what other cities/counties do as their check out routine. A month later, I checked my child out of school again, and once again, I wasn’t asked anything but my child’s name and teacher. I called the Assistant Superintendent again and was a little aggravated this time. She assured me again, she would look into it. Nothing changed.

Now as the 2017-2018 school year starts, I decided to call again to check for an update. She told me at this time "we think our security in our schools are good enough". I asked what security they had in place and her response was “locked doors and cameras”. I explained that they typically buzz anyone through those doors and criminals don’t care if they’re on camera. Once that child is in the office with them, they could scoop them up, run out the door, into their car and make it halfway down the highway before police are even on the way. Then what? Her response was, “we would try to find the child”. But by then it could be TOO LATE. It doesn't take long for a criminal to do the unthinkable with a child. Why doesn’t MPS want to protect our children? Why can’t they set a small 1-2 minute procedure in place? Why will it take a child being abducted for them to change this? Help me keep our children safe by signing this petition and get MPS to realize that these things DO happen and CAN happen in Minot.


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