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To help the minority community for their right of getting scholarship by our government

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Hi, I am Anuja jain from MAdhya Pradesh. I am a student and belong to minority community. I got admission in D.El.Ed course in our government institute based on my percentage in 12th standard.

In D.El.Ed course merit list comes according to the percentage of 12 th standard of all applicant and I am lucky that I got place in it.

My institute name is "District Institute of Education and Training ". It is located in our district Sagour, Madhya Pradesh. I live in small village near sagar and go to college daily by bus, so there is huge expenses in bus rent. I need the scholarship but I come in general category , so there is no scholarship for me like other category's student.

But According to our Indian government, all minority community students get some scholarship every year and for this, students have to fill the form at national scholarship portal (NSP). 

And one most important thing for this scholarship is - that institute in which the student is studying , should be registered in the National Scholarship Portal.  But my institute is not registered in the portal due to this I can't fill the scholarship form and lost my opportunity to get the scholarship. Not only me, other students who belongs to minority community couldn't fill the form from many years.

If the ministry of electronics and IT of ur Indian government registered my institute at the portal, we are able to fill the form and get some scholarship...

Please help me, there is only some days left for the submission of scholarship form.

Its my right and I need and want this.

Please help


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