Justice for Haley Petrucci

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It has been brought to the attention of myself, as well as my peers that one of our classmates is unable to attend her senior prom, and walk at graduation due to excessive absences from school. However, her inability to attend class is because of an ongoing illness she faces. Her mom, Sherry Petrucci explains this injustice by saying, 

"You know as a mother. When you have a child you help them create dreams. And help make those dreams into reality... And as a mother to watch your daughter's dreams that she has created. At that one moment you sit there when you watch your daughter's dreams Fall Apart because it's an ongoing illness. And you feel worthless and you can't be there to help her.. we work so hard to give are children a bright life and great education. Then she is force makes that decision that changes her life forever... because the school board of education has failed her. Because of her ongoing illness. She's not able to go to prom. Are even have a chance to walk with her class and graduate.. just let me say 2 these parents doctors notes are nothing.... they don't protect your child they don't help them .the school makes your kid drops out because she's sick.... 4 weeks to go .May 20th what have been the highlight of her day graduating walking with her friends experiencing that Joy. But watching my daughter sign the papers to Dropout of school. Not because she isn't a bad student makes A's and B's are skipping class are being late to school are missing school. Because of an ongoing illness.. I set there and Watching the tears fall down her face. It just breaks me down As a mom. Watching all her dreams that she worked extremely hard for come to an end so fast. And truth thing about education is. If you're an honor roll student hey it's okay for you to graduate... oh you're a quarterback but you're not doing too well your grades are terrible but you can graduate.. but if you're sick and having disease and you cannot make it to school . you know you can only last 2 hours in class .because due to the flu causes you to have neurological damage on your right side.. And are not able to walk and being dizzy all the time. You are labeled as a dropout. and the very sad thing is she thinks it's her fault for getting sick ... someone please explain this one to me .....Thank you Board of Education for ruining my daughter's life.... this is my reality just happened...

My advice for parents. Make sure you know the law. Before sending your kids to school .. make sure if your child is special education are has a disease or ongoing illness before sending them to school make sure you know every corner every space and every between. before signing your kids up for an education. cuz they can do it to my daughter they can do it to your children too."


Myself, along with many others would love to see Haley reach these significant milestones in her life, and in order to get across to as many people as we can, I ask you to sign this petition in hopes to help us out. Thank you.