Modify the city ordinance that currently forbids the raising of chickens.

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Please support me in this cause, especially in lieu of recent reports of 200 million store-bought eggs contaminated!  We would love the ability to raise chickens for egg consumption (not for sale) within the city limits of Hanahan so we know where our family’s eggs come from and can ensure proper handling.  While there are some drawbacks, the benefits far outweigh them.


- A source of good, nutritious, fresh eggs: Eggs bought in the store can already be a month old at the point you buy them.
- Sustainability: There is a rising trend of knowing your food source and avoiding food injected with growth hormones and broad-spectrum antibiotics.
- Don't support cruelty to animals: You can read about the way chickens are treated in the egg industry (PETA website regarding the egg industry).
- A means of education, especially for children.
- Hens roosting tend to be very quiet, not noisy as some claim, especially no more than some of the pets currently allowed in the city.
- Chicken waste doesn't have a strong smell as long as the coop is maintained properly.  The waste is great for the compost bin and garden.
- Quiet, friendly pets.
- Possible income source for the city: The city could charge a fee for a chicken coop permit.
- Even if you do not personally raise chickens, I'm sure your chicken-raising neighbors will be happy to share their egg overages with your family!


- Chickens carry Salmonella - It's important to wash your hands thoroughly after handling the chickens or the eggs.  In our family, we have "chicken shoes" that we wear when going to the coop.  They are kept by the back door and not worn inside the house.
- Chickens poop A LOT - It's important to clean the coop regularly and don't forget to toss the waste into your compost bin!


Modify the ordinance to allow for chickens if maintained properly.
- Residents are required to purchase a permit and build an approved coop. 
- No roosters will be permitted (female hens only). 
- The number of hens will be based on the size of lot. 
- Lot must be fenced in for free range. 
- Failure to comply results in revocation of permit. 
- No selling of eggs and/or chickens permitted.

Allowing chickens does not mean everyone is going to do it.  It does not mean there will be roosters crowing, annoying people in the morning.  It doesn't mean chickens will be running wild.  They are actually very sweet, playful animals that can contribute to your household in the form of low hormone, rich, tasty fresh eggs!