Put a price cap on insulin in Minnesota

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Affordable Insulin Progress

Last week Eli Lilly announced a $35 cap on out of pocket costs for its insulin. A few days ago, the governor of Virginia signed H.B. 66, officially setting the state's insulin price cap at $50. States like Missouri, Kansas and Kentucky have also taken important steps towards insulin price caps.

All across the country progress is being made on affordable insulin because people just like you have decided to stand up and make their voices heard. For too long, people have been forced to choose between insulin and food or rent or education. All while giant pharmaceutical companies bring in billions of dollars in profit each year. Now, there are thousands of people across many states who will never have to face that choice again.

Our work is not done. There are still dozens of states and thousands more people who need your help to make affordable insulin a reality. Start, sign, and share a petition to support the affordable insulin movement. As many people feel the financial and health pressures of the coronavirus pandemic, this work is more important than ever.

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The Change.org Team
9 months ago