Initiate Hands Free Driving In Minnesota

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We have all heard it before: "Don't text and drive." "It can wait; put the phone down." Despite hearing it, many teens and adults don't really take it to heart. 

On February 27th, 2018 our family received devastating news. My Uncle, Rob Bursik, was stopped at a red light when a semi-truck driver slammed into him at 63 mph. The semi driver was on his phone and video footage from inside his truck shows that he was looking at his phone for 8 whole seconds. In 8 seconds, the light changed and the car in front of him stopped. In 8 seconds, the semi-truck kept traveling at 63 mph. In 8 seconds, my Uncle was gone forever. A lot can happened in 8 seconds. 

In the days and weeks that have followed, our family has received numerous acts of kindness, compassion, love and sympathy, all of which are a true representation of who my Uncle was- a lover of people and life. Initially, the number of times we all heard the words, "So senseless!" or "This all could have been prevented." left our family hopeful that a change would come. But, as I drove home today from teaching and looked at the drivers around me, I was shocked at the number of drivers I saw on their phones. I realized it was not enough. Our roads are no longer safe as our screen addiction has spread into an epidemic on our Minnesota roads. 

I vow to NEVER use my cell phone while driving, not even to change the song on the aux cord, or look at directions. If something is really that important, I will pull over. If I need directions, I will turn on the audio version before I begin driving. I will never hold my cell phone in my hand while I am behind the wheel. Driving comes with responsibilities and staying safe is number one.

Now, I ask the same of you. Please join me in making a vow of your own and using your voice in the fight for hands free roads. By making this pledge your name will be added to my petition asking Minnesota legislators and Governor Dayton to pass a hands-free law for drivers.

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