George Floyd Act: Petition for Law Reform

George Floyd Act: Petition for Law Reform

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Coretta Bieter started this petition to Mayor Jacob Frey

On May 25th, Minneapolis Police Department responded to a report of a non-violent and unarmed crime with a merciless murder. Captured on video and gone viral, Derek Chauvin forced his knee on George Floyd's neck for at least eight minutes as Floyd pleads for his life and gasps for air, killing him. Although this murder resulted in Chauvin and his affiliated officers being fired from MPD, this does not serve justice or provide protection from ongoing police brutality and hate crimes against people of color.

The George Floyd Act is a proposition for law reform confronting police education, training, procedures, evaluations, and human rights. It is a proposition to protect all people and our community against prejudice, racism, and police brutality.

1.) Education and training for law enforcement will be revised to be de-militarized and will include education of police brutality, abuse of power, and how to prohibit this in practice using methods like tactical disengagement and area containment depending on the circumstances; education will include reference to a Force Continuum or Matrix.

2.) Non-lethal take-down procedures used to restrain someone will be revised, revisited, and fully disclosed in law enforcement as well as discussed with citizens.

3.) All police officers will participate in routine mental health evaluations, and subject to re-evaluation of their standing in law enforcement at any time.

4.) Dashboard cameras will be installed in police cars, and on-person cameras will be utilized by each officer for documentation. Citizens will have a right to the video evidence of their arrest.

5.) Citizens will have a right to a speedy trial and attorney when abuse of power is conducted and documented. This includes by-standing officers and witnesses.

6.) Human rights of citizens under arrest will be provided to them in writing by law enforcement as a standard procedure.

7.) Police offers will be required to use advisements, warnings, and verbal persuasions before resorting to force - and exhausting all other options before resorting to lethal force - and this force will be required to de-escalate as soon as resistance decreases.

8.) Chokeholds and strangleholds will be prohibited for police officers, and shooting from a moving vehicle or at people in moving vehicles will be prohibited unless the vehicle passengers pose a lethal threat (by means other than the vehicle itself).

9.) Officers will be required to intervene when other officers are using an unreasonable amount of force.

10.) Officers will be required to report every instance in which force was used, including displaying a weapon to gain compliance, discharging a weapon, or using physical force.

11.) Military weapons that were given to police departments from the federal government will be recalled.

12.) Police Union Contracts will be revised to better hold officers accountable; revisions will include having no deadline to submit a misconduct complaint against another officer, requiring officers to be interrogated immediately after being involved in an incident, requiring officers to pay the legal fees and/or the cost of settlements and not giving officers paid leave while under investigation, requiring information on an officer's past misconduct to be recorded/retained in their personnel file, and giving officers the same disciplinary consequences a civilian would receive for misconduct.

13.) Data on officers' use of force, complaints, and lawsuits will be incorporated into predictive technology to identify which officers are most likely to engage in misconduct so that the local police department can intervene.

14.) Ten more local non-profit community-based crime prevention organizations will be added to each major city.

15.) Instead of police officers, mental health experts will respond to 911 calls involving someone with a mental illness.

16.) More federal investigations of police departments will take place.

17.) All other evidence-based policies in Campaign Zero's Model Use of Force Policy will be implemented:


0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!