George Floyd Act: Petition for Law Reform

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Donna Brown
May 27, 2021
I’m tied of living in America,

Having to get up every day and put on a brave face like everything is OK

well America it’s not
I do not want to have to continue generations ahead giving the talk

““ I will not! I am tired of the smug attitude that I have to put up with from people

In all of the corners I have to put up with it from
I’m tired of the girl at the pharmacy announcing it’s only 3.99 can’t you pay for it from over the counter.
if it’s covered on the machines pharmaceuticals are qualified for then

what’s your problem,

I’m tired of the guy at the register trying to call the little old lady from behind me,

and let her know she’s next just because he wants,

if I put up a stink because he’s wrong I’m a bitter black woman

And my goodness I’m really tired of people following me in the store

meanwhile when other people have a plastic bag they are filling in the next lie to walk not run straight out the front door

Because they’re not my skin color

and they taking a whole bag and running out of the store

or the buzzer goes off and you call me back and the trash bag keeps calmly walking

and they have the product on him

Yeah somewhere and in some part of the worldAnother one of my beautiful skinned people are killed For lesser occurrences

you name it a whole Lotta sneaky unfairness go on every day
and see it still I have a good heart for my fellow man my fellow American & Abroad fellow man

Because we all are just GODS PROPERTY!

& karma is REAL❣️❣️❣️

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Tabby Evans
May 25, 2021

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Dana Oswald
Apr 23, 2021
Yes please!!!! My father was a victim to the poor structure of the legal system as well. There HAS to be change. CIT and internal mental health evaluations should be mandatory in ever single department.

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Frances grace Jaffe
Apr 23, 2021
He deserves justice

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Sally Hirsh
Apr 22, 2021
As I listen to Daunte Wright’s Aunt, George Floyd’s Brother last week, watch people being murdered, and witness how law enforcement aren’t held accountable until people rise up in the streets, I wonder, what will it take to change these systems of oppression. Congress has failed to take action, states have failed to take actions, local authorities have failed to take action on deep law enforcement reforms. And then I listen to Rep. James Clyburn speak about his concern when he doesn’t see his grandchild’s car at home at night and how this is the reality most Black people have to live with. Enough is enough. It is clear from all that we are witnessing as a nation, that there are two Americas, one where people of color do not receive the same kind of protection white people receive, and are in fact attacked on the very streets of America. This is NOT the land of the free and it’s looking more and more like a fascist country. Congress must act now, or in the next election, we will replace every one who stands in the way. We all suffer from these injustices, we all want and deeply need a more loving and peaceful America, and we have had enough. This is not who we are. We, the people, the families, the aunts, grandfathers, sisters, brothers, are loving, we are loving neighbors and communities, and we must be a loving and caring country. E pluribus unum, that is how we must fully be as a nation. The George Floyd Justice Reform act would be a major step in fulfilling our destiny. Please, for God’s sake, act now. See something, SAY something, NOW DO SOMETHING. Thank you for your time in reading this. The issue is high priority for a strong and peaceful America.

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Eric Redmon
Apr 21, 2021
Stop the killing

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Mary Ruiz
Feb 22, 2021
Act must pass to ensure what happened to. George Floyde does not happen again without stiff prosecution

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Kelys Etnel
Jan 12, 2021
Because this is important

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Savanna Adkins
Sep 27, 2020
I’m signing because, the statement, “I can’t breathe.” Is pretty clear and understandable to me and I’m fifteen, so why couldn’t a cop (who let me remind you, his job is to protect us from people like murders) understand it?

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Sofie Quinto
Sep 7, 2020
we need a change