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Bring Phoeuy home!

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On Friday, August 26th 2016, Phoeuy Chuon showed up to check in with the immigration office after receiving a letter requesting an extra check in. Upon arrival he was then taken into custody by ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and is currently being detained for questioning by the Cambodian government with the possibility of being deported to Cambodia. Phoeuy came to this country when he was just a 3 year-old with his mother and siblings as refugees. Phoeuy was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and has never stepped foot on Cambodian soil. He has lived here in the United States all of his life, he is now 39. All of his family lives in the United States. 

When he was younger he made a mistake with the law. This one mistake over twenty years ago lead to his requirement to meet with immigration on a regular basis. He has not been in any other legal trouble. Today, Phoeuy is a loving christian husband, a hard worker, a great father to his two children (step) and a very involved grandfather. Phoeuy is a family man. He is always helping take care of someone or fixing something for someone. He often works overtime to help support our family.

Deportation will absolutely create extreme hardship for our family. His children will loose their father. This will cause his daughter to loose her major support system, which allows her to care for her chronic medical condidtion. His grandson, Jayden will loose his major male role model. Jayden looks for his poppa every night. Phoeuy is often the one who puts him to sleep. It’s been heartbreaking to witness and to think this could potentially be something we will have to deal with for the rest of our life. Phoeuy would also leave behind a wife who relies on his support to care not only for themselves, but also the children, grandchild and extended family members. He would leave behind many siblings, nephews and nieces who love him dearly.

Phoeuy will be detained in jail until the Cambodian government is ready to speak to him. Please sign this petition to help Phoeuy come home and return to his family and community where is loved by all who meet him. 
Please continue to keep our family in your prayers and the families of others currently dealing with the same immigration hardship.

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