Minnesota State Legislators: Enact "Cameron Norris Law" as New Child Homicide Statute

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What Happened to Cameron

Samuel Christopher Jones, was a close family friend of Cynthia Sweats' family for years. He was trusted to watch Cameron for Cynthia on one occasion, so she could go to work. Samuel Jones brutally beat baby Cameron Norris to death on February 7, 2003.

Jones was released March 8, 2017 after only serving 14 years, of his 20 year maximum sentence. Jones is now a free man, on parole until 2023. Jones has never showed remorse, had no mandated rehabilitation, nor has he faced Cynthia to apologize, for what he did. In the courtroom he smiled and scoffed at the victimized family members during his sentencing. 

Cynthia Sweats will never receive justice for Cameron's death. However, her goal is to provide justice for other children fatally victimized at the hands of an adult. The courts should hold offenders fully accountability for these crimes. 

WCCO 4 NEWS TAKES THIS CAUSE SERIOUSLY: https://youtu.be/WmhYqntlFjY?list=FL_kuA4kWArUtz6GBNKmCmVA

Cameron Norris Law – A focus into the future, for a new Child Homicide Statute in Minnesota. 

MISSION: Enact Cameron Norris Law in response to child homicide. Offenders must be held fully accountable for the crime they committed. Parents need to feel some sense of justice. The cycle of violence needs to be broken with mandated intense rehabilitation for those found guilty of these heinous crimes, if any plea bargain is offered. 

Fighting for Cameron and Kids (FFCAK) Advocates Needs Lawmakers to;

  1.  See society's need for harsher sentencing and mandated treatment for those who harm a child. 
  2. Ensure that all parents feel heard and represented throughout the process.
  3. Mandated Restorative Justice Rehabilitation to offenders that seek the plea bargain. 

 Fighting for Cameron and Kids (FFCAK) Advocates are demanding lawmakers to amend clause (5) under the first-degree murder statute and add "Cameron Norris Law" - for all fatally victimized children.  

It must read as follows: (a) Whoever does any of the following is guilty of murder in the first degree and shall be sentenced to imprisonment for life: 

(5) causes the death of a minor by an object, physical bodily harm, choking or asphyxiation, drowning, hanging, neglect and malnourishment, purposeful medication overdose, purposeful poison, purposeful shaking with force causing brain damage and death. Causes the death of a minor by human trafficking. All deaths occurred under circumstances manifesting an indifference to human life;

As apart of this law, a plea bargain of Second-Degree "Intentional" Murder will  be offered. This plea bargain will provide the offender an opportunity for parole after 40 years (26 served years with good time). HOWEVER, if the offender is non-compliant and cannot meet the terms of the plea bargain agreement, the offender will forfeit the plea bargain, and remain in prison for life.



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