State Legislation, Minnesota house of representatives: Impose a law change on murder children. Fighting for mandatory life in prison, "Cameron's Law"


There is a real life terror in this world, knowing that there are atrocious people out there that have no issue murdering a child.

I am fighting to raise awareness to the public that my mission is to impose HARSH Child Murder Laws in Minnesota.


Minnesota  does not consider child murder to be an abomination. Minnesota's sentencing guidelines are way to lenient and this injustice must end!  **We Need Child Murder Laws** 

The law currently allows plea bargains, 2nd degree murder, manslaughter, and light sentencing, just to name a few. To be frank, there are to many "lesser charge" options when it comes to murder.

However, there are no laws that strictly cover the "Killing of Children". That is the part I am seeking to change. The law also offers parole and 2/3rd's  good time served, even for offenders that commit the murder of a child. I am seeking to change that also. 

The law should be firm, clear, cut, and crisp. If an adults murders an innocent child, and if found convicted....there will be a mandatory sentence of LIFE in prison, with No Parole.


Samuel Christopher Jones brutally and violently beat and murdered my 3 year old son Cameron Norris on February 7, 2003. Cameron was tortured. His head was bashed into a wall multiple times, he was kicked and punched and burned with cigarettes. The police even found a piece of duct tape in the trash with Cameron’s blood on it. Jones used the tape to cover Cameron’s mouth as he cried and screamed in horror and in immense pain. My baby’s death was atrocious and heinous. Unimaginable, yet it really happened.

Samuel Jones was initially charged with *Intentional* second-degree murder. Jones refused to plead guilty, even though there was overwhelming evidence that he murdered my son. He decided to take this case to trial. The jury was selected and at the last minute, Jones decided to take a deal from the prosecution. The deal was for Jones to plead guilty to *Unintentional* second-degree murder, for a 20 year prison sentence.

I was never informed about this deal in full detail. I did not understand the prosecutions offer to Jones. Therefore, I had no knowledge of the devastating consequences this deal would have on me in the years to come. I was never told that Jones would get 20 years for murdering an innocent baby, only to actually serve 13 years and be released back into society 3/8/2017 on parole, for his remaining 6 years, until 2023.


Due to this horrible experience, I have made it my life’s mission to fight to change laws on adults that murder children. I have a Facebook page called “Fighting for Cameron and kids” that I began in April 2013. My fight is to impose child murder laws. No child should be murdered and swept under the rug like my son was.

I cannot stress enough that there are no strict murder laws in place to fully protect the justice of our children when they are murdered by an adult. All children are innocent, and defenseless. The law currently offers plea bargains, and lesser charges on murder, just to get a conviction.


I am seeking for Governor Mark Dayton, Congress and State Legislation to consider “Cameron’s Law”. Under Cameron’s Law, if any adult should be arrested for killing a minor child under 17 years of age, he/she will be charged with *Intentional* first-degree murder.

Once a suspect is arrested, he/she will automatically be charged with Intentional first-degree murder. The prosecution can build their case, if they haven’t done it already. The suspect still has the same rights as everyone else, such as the right to counsel, a right to a fair or speedy trial and so on.

If there is substantial evidence and an air tight case for the prosecution to get a conviction of guilty by a judge and jury, the offender will be sentenced to life in prison, without parole. The offender will then pay $75,000 in restitution to the parents of the child he/she killed.

If a suspect decides to confess or is offered a deal, the only offer on the table will be a lesser charge of *Intentional* second-degree murder. This conviction holds a life sentence also, however, with good behavior, an offender can be released on parole for 10 years, after serving 33 years of his/her life sentence. The offender will have to pay the parents restitution in the amount of $75,000 for the child he/she killed.

The offender will have to complete four 6-8 weeks long anger management classes, Intense non-stop therapy, psychiatry and medication (if applicable), his/her preferred educational classes, hold a job in prison successfully, follows directions and stay out of trouble with a low disciplinary action record.

All restitution must be paid in full, and requirements completed in order for an offender to be considered for parole. If considered for parole an extensive review of his/her prison sentence will be completed to either approve or deny his/her release. The review of the offender will be truthful and fair. Release will never be guaranteed at any given time.

Jones is allowed freedom, due to “2/3rd's time served" I am seeking to abolish that completely from the murder law as well. People, who murder children, do not deserve to see freedom, even if they have served 2/3rd of their sentence.


Minnesota abolished the death penalty, so I am asking for a life sentence for murdering a child. Thank you!

**An adult is supposed to care for a child; children are very much dependent on adults. Children expect adults to care and protect them, not neglect, abuse and kill them**.


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