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Minnesota Lawmakers: A request to Impose "Cameron Norris Law" as New Child Homicide Law


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Cameron's Law - Mandatory Life, if convicted of killing a child

Attention to the Lawmakers of Minnesota

I am respectfully asking that you consider imposing Cameron Norris's Law into Minnesota homicide statutes as a new Child Homicide Law.


Hello Supporters

Thank you for your support and welcome to Cameron Norris Law's Petition.....Please read, so you can fully understand what it is I am asking from Law makers. 

                                   Why Cameron's Law?

My name is Cynthia Sweats, a resident of Minnesota, and I am fighting for the lives and rights of children that are victimized and ultimately murdered at the hands of an adult. 

I am a survivor of losing my baby to murder. Cameron Norris, was 3 years old when his light left this world and devastated my entire existence. I trusted Samuel Christopher Jones, a longtime family friend to watch Cameron for me so I could go to work. Samuel Jones brutally and violently beat Cameron to death on February 7, 2003. Today in 2017, he is a free man. There was and still is, no true justice in my son's case. 

Each new story of a child being murdered I would see, broke my heart all over again. I prayed to God about the terrible feelings I had tugging at my heart. Before too long, a strong passion began to grow inside me. 

In April of 2013, I began a page on Facebook called Fighting for Cameron and Kids. My mission is to enforce a child murder law called "Cameron Norris Law", that fully protects the lives and the rights of the child(ren) that has been fatally victimized. Minnesota does not have a child murder law. Furthermore, Minnesota's murder laws are not harsh enough on offenders who murder children. Cameron Norris Law will fulfill that much needed void missing. Cameron Norris Law's aim is to provide justice for innocent children. 

The loss of Cameron and so many other children greatly matter, and unfortunately so many children, including my son, have not had justice.  The parents are left empty and feel unjustified. Offenders are not held fully accountable for the murder of an innocent child. My objective is to make sure the adults that commit the homicide of a child, is held fully accountable for what they have done. 

                        Why I am Not Fighting for The Death Penalty

Minnesota’s death penalty law was abolished on April 22, 1911. Minnesota does not agree with the death penalty and will not enforce it. Therefore, I must respect this law. 

So moving forward, it’s important to keep the focus on fighting for a life term of imprisonment as a punishable sentence for offenders that are found guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt in court, of murdering a child. 

                              The Details of Cameron Norris Law

In an initial investigation of a child homicide under Cameron Norris's Law, the suspect will automatically be charged with first degree homicide. The offender then has two choices to make. 

The first choice, the offender can choose, is to fight against the case in court with a lawyer, prosecutor, judge, and jury of his/her peers and be found guilty or not guilty of the homicide. 

If the offender is found guilty, he/she will be sentenced by a judge to life in prison, without the possibility of parole. This is a mandatory sentence for the convicted. 

The second choice is a plea bargain to a lesser charge, of second degree "Intentional" homicide. The offender will be informed in great detail of what "Cameron Norris's Law" is. The offender must willingly agree to the plea deal with a signature and also give the prosecution a full admission of guilt and the detailed events that led up to the homicide of the said child in question. 

                                    Plea Bargain Sentence

The mandatory sentence for this plea bargain agreement is 50 years Maximum and 40 years minimum, with "Good Time" after serving 26 years. The offender must agree to the sentence guidelines, requirements and stipulations in the plea deal and agree to complete the deal in full, or they will forfeit it completely. 

                                Plea Deal Rules and Requirements

                                         Make your "Time" Count

The requirements of the offender during his/her prison stay are as follows:

**Mandatory rule is for offender is to always remain law abiding, and avoid trouble at all costs. A negative disciplinary record will not be tolerated and due to an offenders bad behavior, he/she has the power to forfeit the entire plea deal on their own actions**.

                                         Phases of Plea Deal

Phase 1: The offender must commit to extensive therapy. The offender must attend weekly visits, no missed appointments, weekly updates, and no negative reviews from psychologist about progress. Offender cannot have negative reviews such as; refusal to talk, abusive or offensive language, endangering their wellbeing, being insubordinate and hard to work with. Offender must be willing to hold accountability for his/her crime and really want to change and be a better person. Their progress and actions will speak for itself. 

Phase 2: The offender will be given a job and maintain the job given. Offender will go to work as scheduled, do his/her job as instructed, and then return to their designated block after work. Offender must follow all rules and stay law abiding. Once Phase 1 and 2 is going well for a substantial amount of time, the offender can move forward on to phase 3. 

Phase 3: The offender must get an education. The offender must earn a degree or learn a trade to use later in time. (If permitted). Offender must be maintaining a good disciplinary record, abiding by phase 1 and 2 while being a good student with acceptable grades, in phase 3 of education. Once phase 3 of education is complete, Then, the offender can move forward to phase 4. 

Phase 4: The offender must face the parents of the child he/she killed in a mediation court. The offender will be required to write a full page letter and read it out loud to the parents and family that attend. The offender will first begin by holding him/herself accountable for the homicide of the child, how he/she understands the irreversible damage that has been caused to those who loved the child and a heartfelt apology to the parents and family. The focus of this requirement is mainly for the family, but also for the offender to have closure. 

In a case where the family is not ready or willing to meet with the offender, the offender must still write the one page letter and have the letter delivered to the family via mail. A victim or family members will never be required to meet with the offender. It is the requirement of the offender only, to reach out to the family to face what they have done. Only offender must hold one hundred percent accountability for the homicide of said child.

                           Phases and Requirements Complete

Once all phases are accomplished after 26 years is served of the 40 year minimum sentence, he/she will go up for a parole hearing. 

If offender has made his/her time count, and proved themselves by staying law abiding, no or very low disciplinary record, and have achieved all phases, the offender can be granted parole. 

Under Cameron Norris's Law there are strict requirements for those paroled for the homicide of a child. Cameron Norris's Law believes that the offender should pay it forward, and the offender will be given an organized purpose, and structured living system. 

The offenders will receive small accommodations to help get him/her on the right path in living back in society. A parole officer will be assigned and offender must follow all parole requirements, and still remain law abiding. Infractions will not be tolerated. 

However, while the offender is on parole for the remaining 24 years, he/she must not have any parole violations. If parole is violated, offender will be sent back to prison for life term, for failing to complete Plea Deal. 

                                        Forfeiture of Plea Deal

Offenders Who Do Not Meet Parole Agreement: 

If an offender is granted parole, and does not remain law abiding and fails to complete all requirements of parole, he/she will forfeit the plea bargain and be sent back to prison for a term of life in prison, without the possibility of parole. 

Offenders Who Do Not Meet Agreement in Plea Deal:

If all phases and requirements are NOT met within the 40 year minimum sentence (good time of 26 years), the offender will forfeit his/her parole hearing and will have to complete the remaining 24 (max of 50) years and wait for the next parole hearing.

Once the remaining 24 years is reached (max of 50 years), the offender will have a second chance to go before the parole board. If at this time, the offender has still not complied with all phases and requirements of his/her agreement in the plea bargain, he/she will forfeit the whole deal and will remain in prison for a life term without the possibility of parole. 

                         Request To Remove "Good Time Served"

I am also requesting that lawmakers have "Good Time Served" removed for Cameron Norris's law. The reason I am requesting this is because Minnesota has a 2/3rds "Good Time Served" law for all inmates that are not serving a life term in prison. 

So within Cameron Norris's Law, I am asking for the offender that accepts the Plea Deal to serve 2/3rds of the 40 years minimum sentence. This will be a total of 26 years, if the offender completes all requirements successfully, they can be granted parole. 

Inmates will only have one shot at receiving "good time served", under this Plea Deal. If they do not complete the requirements in 26 years, they will remain in prison for the remaining 24 years, a total of 50 years. 

Once 50 years is reached the offender will have a chance to go before the parole board a second time. He/she must by this time, have completed all requirements of the plea deal, or they will not be granted parole and will remain in prison for a life term.  

                          THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT

Please help me in this fight for Cameron Norris's Law, Sign the Petition and SHARE with all who you know, God bless!! 





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