Minnesota Lawmakers: A request to Impose "Cameron Norris Law" as New Child Homicide Law

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Cameron Norris Law – A focus into the future, for a new Child Homicide Law in Minnesota. 

MISSION: Implement Cameron Norris Law as Minnesota Child Homicide law. Provide justice to parents of children, who have been fatally victimized by another adult. Provide parents, the offenders full accountability for the crime they committed against them.

Society Needs Lawmakers to;

  1.  See society's need for child murder deterance
  2. See that all parents are provided fair justice
  3. Provide Restorative Justice Rehabilitation to offenders that seek it

 We Need Cameron Norris Law to convict;

  • Adults, ages 18 and up

We Need Cameron Norris Law to Protect;

  • Children, ages 0-17

 Outline of Cameron Norris Law

  • Offender will be charged with 1st degree homicide, when arrested and booked into jail
  • Offender is given the choice to decide if he/she wants to go to trial or take the "Intentional Second Degree Murder" plea deal.
  • If offender chooses to go to trial;
  • He/she can be found guilty or not guilty, in court of law.
  • If found guilty, offender will be sentenced to life in prison
  • If offender chooses intentional second degree murder plea deal;
  • Plea deal sentence terms; 40 years max, possible parole after 26 years (2/3rd of 40 years) 
  • Offender can only reach parole in 26 years by compliance with all requirements of the plea deal.
  • If offender is not in compliance with all requirements, the offender must serve the remaining 14 years (of 40 year maximum sentence) before parole will be offered one more time. 

Plea deal requires;

  • The offender to confess and provide all details of the child's murder that was committed. 
  • Offender to complete and master extensive, intense treatment, structured rehabilitation, goal training, coping and skills training, educational and job coaching skills.
  • Offender must complete all phase levels in the rehabilitation program to show progress and be successful. Offender must also stay law abiding, and always hold accountability for crime.
  • If all requirements of the Restorative Justice Rehabilitation Program have not been met in the 40 year maximum sentence that the offender agreed to in the plea deal, offender will forfeit the agreement and will then serve, life in prison.

 No Death Penalty

Minnesota’s death penalty law was abolished on April 22, 1911. Minnesota does not agree with the death penalty and will not enforce it. Therefore, I must respect this law. The goal of Cameron Norris Law, is to sentence offenders to life in prison, but to also successfully rehabilitate offenders who seek it. 

What Happened to Cameron

Samuel Christopher Jones, was a close family friend of my family for years. He was trusted to watch Cameron for me on once occasion, so I could go to work. Samuel Jones brutally beat Cameron to death on February 7, 2003.

Jones was released March 8, 2017 after only serving 14 years, of his 20 year maximum sentence. Jones is sadly, a free man. Jones has never showed remorse, given rehabilitation, nor has he faced the parents to apologize, for what he did. In the courtroom he smiled and scoffed at the victimized family members during his sentencing.

Cynthia Sweats Cameron's mother, will never receive justice for Cameron's death. However, her goal is to provide justice for other children fatally victimized at the hands of an adult and offer parents, the offenders full accountability for the crime they committed against them.


Help me in this fight for better laws to give justice to children. We need Cameron Norris's Law. SIGN the Petition & SHARE with everyone that you know. God Bless you!


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