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Stop the deportation of my fiance and the father of my kids. Bring Sameth home.

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On August 26, 2016 My fiance Sameth Nhean was taken into custody by ICE officials after checking in for a call in letter he received a week prior. Might I add, he has been checking in every 6 months for the past 6 years, renews his workers permit every year, and pays his taxes like everyone else. 

He was born in a Thailand refugee camp and at the age of 2 came to America where he has made it his home for the last 32 years. Not only hasn't he been nor seen his parents homeland but he doesn't even know how life will be in a third world country. He's middle child out of 5 and whom I truly think is the rock to holding them together. If deported his very own family may fall apart.

Sameth, who is also a father of 3. 2 of which is his biological and 1 that he voluntarily stepped in and took over the father role to help raise since she was 2 years old.  Being a father is just one of the things he loves about life and seeing the bond he has with each one of them is one of a kind that no one could ever replace. His loved of being outdoors,  whether it's fishing with his son, doing yard work, or fixing cars only shows some of his interests he has in his daily life before being taken into custody.

He has a full time job where he has been at for the last 10 plus years. He is the main provider for our family of 5. We have been on our own for almost 9 years. Even when times were rough and we struggled a bit, he always made sure we had a roof over heads and foods in our stomach. So if he was to get deported, our lives will change not for the best but possibly the worst. 

Who would of known what he did in the past will soon catch up to him even when he's a changed man. What he's done before does not define who he is today. He has changed for the better of his family especially his kids. He is loved and respected by many ranging from  all ages, whether it's family or friends, and they admire him. Without him here, my children will have no strong male figure to look up to. 

So please look past his wrong doings and see the postive changes hes made in everyone lives. There are not many men out there that are left like him. Like most deportees, he's done his time. His home is here in America in Minnesota with his kids and family. 

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