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I oppose HF 2366 because it will have severely negative effects on the revenues that charities will bring in for our missions.  The language that is being proposed has already been a subject of a suit between MN Gambling Control Board and the Indian Tribal Casino interests twice.  Both suits were defended by the Attorney General's office with MN GCB and the Administrative Law Judge ruled in favor of the MN GCB on both occasions.  This is proof that the MN GCB is following the letter of the law when approving electronic games for play by our customers.

This bill, if passed, will decimate the revenues that charities receive by conducting electronic gaming.  None of the games currently being played in the State of Minnesota will meet the proposed language standards, and therefore, no games would be available to play.  Once games would be available to play again, they would not look like they do now nor be as engaging to play.

In 2021, Electronic pull tab and electronic linked bingo games are responsible for 50% of all lawful gambling sales in Minnesota.  So, this bill dramatically affects all bars and charities that host charitable gambling. It also affects players who patronize these establishments and love playing e-games.  If this bill passes, the players will no longer be able to play these games and support local charities.  

If these changes are adopted, it is sure to have an extremely detrimental effect on gaming receipts and will directly affect charities like veteran's clubs, youth groups, bars, and the bond funding of the US Bank Stadium and the States General Fund, thus impacting every Minnesotan.

Please vote no for HF 2366 and keep our charities funding their important missions.