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Minnesota State Government: Fathers rights after birth & mandatory DNA testing for unwed parents.

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Men in Minnesota do not have inherent rights to their children if they are born out of wedlock. A baby is born to two parents, not just one, and if a man is expected to be responsible for a child financially, then they should also get immediate rights to parent their child. Immediate mandatory paternity testing for unwed parents is a measure that can be done to ensure that men aren't trapped into paying for a child who is not theirs, and pending the result of paternity testing immediate fathers rights to make decisions related to their child's future.

Men are parents too, and love and care for their children as much as women do. Women aren't the only caretakers, and for the law to assume this is wrong.

Please give father rights to their children, because children need two parents to guide them, not one parent and a paycheck.


My name is Brittany Westfall, and while I won't share my fiance's specific story, I will share how this is important to my family. My family, fortunately is a complete family, but we are missing one important person from it, and that would be my son's older brother, and my fiance's first son. My son will grow up without a brother, and that boy won't know that he has a father, a mother, and a step - mother who care about and love him. We would do anything to see him, spend time with him, protect him, and care for him. I watch my fiance struggle everyday with our bills, and with the hole in his heart where is first son should be.

We struggle everyday to pay our own bills, including rent and household expenses, because of child support and yet there is a child out there who doesn't even know who we are and the contribution we make to make sure he is getting the type of life he needs. However, I believe that a father's love and guidence has no replacement, and money can't do the same job a father can. There is a difference between a fathers who choose not to be a part of their childrens lives because they don't want the responsibility, and fathers who want to be a part of their childs life, but are forced to contribute a majority of their income, without the benefits of truly being a father.

Men are parents too, and deserve gender equality rights to their children!

Brittany Westfall
Mother of one
Future step-mother of one
Fiance to a disadvantaged father of two.

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