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Debra Matheny
Hibbing, MN

Jan 12, 2014 —

This was vividly illustrated at a hearing in Minnesota’s federal district court on January 10, 2014 in Sandra Grazzini-Rucki v. Judge David Knutson, No. 13-cv-02477 (SRN/JSM). Lori Swanson, the Minnesota Attorney General, vigorously defended Judge Knutson in this case without charge, i.e., at public expense. Her deputy argued that Judge Knutson was immune from any consequence including a suit for damages regardless of what he did – even if he violated basic civil rights.

In other words, according to Attorney General Swanson judges are God. They are infallible. Like kings, they can do no wrong.

Legislative Oversight of the Judiciary
Legislative Oversight of the Judiciary
Now Is The Time Judges can do anything they want - violate constitutions, ignore enacted laws, disregard court rules of procedure, refuse to follow appellate court precedent - with no consequence or penalty at all. They have unlimited power. They are not accountable to anyone. Not even if they hurt children, destroy families, or alienate...

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