Petition Update

Complaint against Facebook and Ray Koski (my MURDERED father) Imposter

Debra Matheny
Hibbing, MN

Nov 29, 2013 — On 11/14/2013 a female (allegedly) created a FB account in the name of my murdered father Ray Koski. I confronted her(?) on FB about her imposter profile. She changed her handle to R Koski Friend. She(?) was told to remove a photo she DOES NOT have permission to use, SHE DID NOT! This is a personal photo of me used as my profile pic on FB Harassing comments endorsing violence and the removal of them was also requested and refused! I then submitted a report concerning this IMPOSTER PROFILE to Facebook to remove the photo, the comment and the imposter profile... Below is a dashboard link I was notified by Facebook that they intend to ALLOW CONDONE AND PARTICIPATE IN THE ILLEGAL USE OF MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, HARASSMENT AS WELL AS ALLOW THEM TO POSE AS A DEAD MAN (MY DAD, RAY KOSKI)! The actual creation of Ray Koski's aka R Koski Friend profile serves NO Legitimated purpose OTHER THAN TO HARRASS ME!