Bogdan Vechirko should be free of charges!

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Urgent petition!!! Bogdan Vechirko needs your help!!! Please sign, it only takes seconds! No cost to you but it will help him and his family! Their life is in jeopardy and they need us, people, truck drivers and all who believes that he didn’t intend hurting anyone! we need your signatures, we need you to show him our support! 

All of you heard the story about truck driver named Bogdan Vechirko who accidentally drove his semi tanker into protestors while they were on a freeway. No one was injured or hurt except Bogdan himself. He was arrested and later let go with investigation pending.

Bogdan decided not to press charges against people that injured him and this is his decision. Company he worked for is under investigation and protestors that injured him demanding charges and prosecution as if he did this on purpose. Campaign that is asking to press charges against Bogdan has over 5000 signatures in just few days! Now they have 40,000 signatures and we have only 1,500.

 Yes he was released from jail but investigation is still under the way and he still could be charged. we had contacted Minneapolis Police Department and they had advised that FBI is handling this case. This case is not closed! Let’s get our own campaign going so we can show how many people are actually supporting him!!! Let’s help Bogdan and his family. What happened was not done intentionally, Bogdan did not mean to harm anyone. He was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Let’s not let this situation mess up his and his family’s future. 

Let Bogdan and everyone else know you stand behind him on this! He needs our support! 

More information on current investigation:

If anyone wishes to donate to help his family in this fight you can do so by donating via PayPal: @freebogdan