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Decline the parole request for David Anthony Thomas ID# 101431

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David Anthony Thomas was convicted of rape and kidnapping of two women in 1981. He was paroled after only two years in prison. Then in 1987 he was convicted of auto theft and paroled after only seven months. He was released on May 17, 1988. He was paroled for these crimes because back in the 1980's, the sentence for rape was less than 4 years. When he was released in May of 1988, he went on to rape or try to rape seven women. Then in June of 1988 he raped and murdered his last victim, Mary Catherine Foley, only 26 days after he was unjustly paroled.

David Anthony Thomas should never have even been paroled and given the freedom to rape and murder Mary Foley. He should never have been allowed out of prison after the rape and kidnapping of two women in 1981. Due to outdated laws and sentences, rapists and other vicious criminals are released from prison everyday and we cannot allow David Anthony Thomas to be one of them. We need to stop the continuation of these outdated laws in our society. We cannot allow another woman, husband, parent, child, sibling, or any human being to suffer the way that these victims and their loved ones have due to a technicality.

Please help to disallow the parole of David Anthony Thomas and every future parolee of harmful citizens due to outdated or unjust laws and sentences. If you have ever been or known anyone affected by rape, sexual abuse or murder, please speak out and help us to spread the word. Sign this petition in honor of every single victim who has been affected by these criminals, for their families and their friends and for our future generations.

Above is a picture of Mary Catherine Foley, let us remember her for the happy, wonderful, loving and caring life that she was.

If you would like to see the news story related to David Anthony Thomas' parole, it is posted here:

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