Justice for George Floyd

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Out of Control Protesting

I’m sure all of us have been keeping up on this tragedy and hearing about the raids and looting. This is not okay. The original purpose was to have a peaceful protest. However, this is also the cops fault. They put us in this position, they started everything, the tear gas and rubber pellets, they started this, and they expect us to give up that easy? Rumors have been going around that the Target that everyone has looted was partnering with the MPD. They say while tear gassing, people were going to the Target to buy milk to help ease the pain of the mace, however they employees weren’t letting them buy milk. However, we can’t keep destroying things, especially those small businesses on that street. The AutoZone getting burned to the ground, and many other building being burned and raided. We are all extremely upset with what it happening, but we also can’t give up, we have to keep fighting for what is right. I just wanted to say, whoever will still be protesting, be safe. 

Gabe Gondek
1 year ago