Reform Minneapolis Police Department

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For the second time in less than a full year, a black man has been unlawfully murdered at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This time the victim was Daunte Wright. He was only 20, but saw his life end early because of a police department that is in serious need of reform. Please help.

Ideas for Reform:

1. All applicants for police work must show proof of an intelligence over 120. (Currently, police hire preferentially for low intelligence).

2. All applicants for police work must pass the Simon Baron-Cohen Empathy Quotient Test or equivalent test.

3. All applicants for police work must score lower than 30 on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist.

4. All current police workers, in any capacity, must pass the above three tests to remain employed. They must be re-tested every ten years. They must also pass a general psychiatric evaluation.

5. Total elimination of Qualified Immunity: police may be prosecuted fully for failures to follow the same laws they enforce.

6. The Supreme Court ruling that police do not have a basic duty to protect citizens from violent harm must be reversed.

7. Any officer with a history of more than two examples of extreme brutality, the killing of any unarmed person, rape, torture, racially directed violence, deliberate mutilation or disfigurement, or any other crime, financial or physical, especially crimes considered crimes against humanity or war crimes, MUST - without exception or excuse - be immediately terminated and excluded for life from any form of police work of any kind or form (the Blue Wall must be voided).

8. All police officers must have body cameras which must be running during any interaction whatsoever with the public, and any failure must be a condition of immediate termination and prevention from further police work in the future. All body cam recordings must be available freely to the public and especially the news media except in cases where an investigation would be directly compromised in the moment.

9. Any police officer who in any way interferes with, threatens or takes or destroys the property of any person recording them by any means from a distance of thirty feet or more must be terminated immediately and prevented from further police work.

10. No member of any police force may be a current member of a racial or religious hate group, as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center. (Many currently are)

11. All police workers must undergo a six-week intensive cultural and diversity studies class, and they must be tested on the content to be accepted.

12. No police union can be allowed to exist: police serve the public, their position is not a mere job but a public trust, and cannot be treated as normal employment.

13. All police must be recruited preferentially from the most impoverished group or class of people in a given region. This can be easily determined. This does not mean that unqualified people must be pushed through: all must pass all of the conditions in this list. It just means preferentially.

14. All police MUST be demilitarized and they MAY NOT use any equipment developed for, or in cooperation with, the military of any nation. Police may never use military grade hardware of any kind, including tanks, rocket launchers, anti-personnel vehicles and weaponry, mines, nerve agents, or weapons of mass destruction.


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