Not Enough Justice

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I strongly believe that George Floyd’s death could have been prevented. The officer that murdered him with his knee to Floyd’s neck had many prior complaints against him related to police brutality, yet was still allowed to “protect and serve”. I don’t think it is enough to simply fire the one officer but also any of the superiors who knew about his behavior and chose to ignore it. I think the only way police brutality has a chance of really ending is if we uproot the bad apples entirely by also punishing the superiors who let officers stay on the force after examples of racist behavior or police brutality. 

This petition is to call on an investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department to see why this murderer was allowed to continue being a police officer. Anyone who knew of his behavior and did nothing is equally as guilty for George Floyd’s murder and should be held accountable. 

We need to raise our voices and let everyone know we will no longer be silent against racist cops and police brutality. Please sign this petition to help make a difference!!