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Petitioning Council Member Ward 1 Kevin Reich and 13 others

Approve the re-zoning needed for the proposed Seward Co-op Friendship Store


We seek your approval for the necessary re-zoning to help this proposal become a reality!   Please note that the change in zoning will only be applied to the properties the Seward Co-op purchases for the store site. No other adjacent homes or properties will be "up-zoned" as part of this process. Please also note that community participation with the "38th & Chicago Small Area/Corridor Framework Plan” had recommended up-zoning of the primary Greater Friendship site long before the Seward Co-op Friendship Store had been proposed. This re-zoning helps to complete that picture.   This online petition, including your support and signature, will be shared with the Minneapolis City Council as well the Planning Commission. They will weigh your input as they consider this essential step in making the Seward Co-op Friendship Store a reality.   ***Please indicate your address and sign ONLY if you live within the city limits of Minneapolis***

Letter to
Council Member Ward 1 Kevin Reich
Council Member Ward 13 Linea Palmisano
Council Member Ward 12 Andrew Johnson
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Council Member Ward 11 John Quincy
Council Member Ward 10 Lisa Bender
Council Member Ward 9 Alondra Cano
Council Member Ward 8 Elizabeth Glidden
Council Member Ward 7 Lisa Goodman
Council Member Ward 6 Abdi Warsame
Council Member Ward 5 Blong Yang
Council Member Ward 4 Barbara Johnson
Council Member Ward 3 Jacob Frey
Council Member Ward 2 Cam Gordon
Mayor Betsy Hodges
We ask that you please approve the re-zoning needed for the proposed Seward Co-op Friendship Store.

We support the re-zoning needed to proceed with the Seward Co-op's proposed Friendship Store site, located on 38th Street between Clinton and 3rd Avenues in South Minneapolis.

The neighborhoods that would be served by the store have had limited access to fresh and healthy foods for decades - adding to an inequitable system of health and wellness and creating a city in which an individual's lifespan can vary greatly by ZIP code or neighborhood. This limited access to nutritious foods has been compounded by a lack of living-wage jobs and economic development in those same neighborhoods. While no one business can solve all of the challenges of food access and socioeconomic disparities in our community, we feel that the proposed Seward Co-op Friendship Store would be a very important part, and catalytic first step, of addressing these challenges.

We support the Seward Community Co-op’s proposal due to its history of commitment to:
- Being a responsible employer;
- Engaging, listening to, and collaborating with community members and organizations;
- Supporting programs that benefit low-income individuals, families, and communities that have been marginalized.

We ask for your approval in matters of re-zoning and with any other necessary components to support this once in a generation opportunity to strengthen our community and improve the health of those who live and work within the neighborhoods of south central Minneapolis.

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