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Sanitary Products Should Be Free For All Women

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All women who experience monthly pain know what it’s like to struggle, we are not sorry for pointing out flaws in society. Society demands we use these rather expensive products that should be free, no woman chooses to have their period. The money we use to buy these products could be put to better use, women all over New Zealand and the world are being exploited. Menstruation affects working abilities and is the main cause for young women to miss school.

My data shows some appalling figures, on average woman spends $38.50 a month on sanitary products that is $460 a year. A women has their period for an average of 48 years which increases the price to $17,480 per person.

$17,480 could stop a single person from being hungry for 10 years or more. You could buy over 6000 bars of chocolate, or give lots of education for children who can’t afford it.

Exploited, make use of a situation in an unfair way. The government is exploiting us, they put a price on what we need, and what we lack the choice in using. The brands made them super expensive and earn millions off of us each year. Population, 4,693,ooo in new Zealand 65.5% of the population are women who are able to get their periods, companies make up to $1.3 million a year. All this money for what we consider necessities is terrible. I was really surprised when i found out that “in Langa, Cape Town, schoolgirls are using socks filled with sand instead of sanitary products.” We know this isn't in New Zealand but homeless, and underprivileged women can’t afford these products. Which makes them search for things to use like rags, leaves, wool, grass anything! This results in infections, cuts and burns possible affecting a woman's ability to reproduce. Which means more money needs to be spent for treatment.

When was the last time you went to a public toilet or restroom? And how much did you pay for the toilet paper? Allow us to answer for you: you-paid-nothing, would you consider to pay for something that is of the same use?  We believe toilet paper is a necessity and sanitary products serve extremely similar purposes. Recently pharmac said they are “not medicines or medical devices” then they reject funding for sanitary items we strongly believe they need to re-think their decision. Think of those females using whatever they can find to use, don’t you think that’s enough evidence? Sanitary products prevent many infections and diseases like your common jab.

Put yourself in their shoes. We urge you to speak out.

The outcome could be changed if you vote at “” or use #freeperiod on social media to inform others and email your local member of parliament.

The money we use could be put to better use by far, the government have been exploiting women.Affecting work abilities and  leaving young women without education. Depriving all of us from something we desperately need . ”And that is why now, more than ever, our government should start providing free sanitary products for the underprivileged women.”  and now we leave you with one of our personal favourite quotes written anonymously “menstruation, Menopause, Mental breakdowns, notice how all women's problems begin with men.”



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