Why Women Deserve One Day Paid Menstrual Leave Per Month at Workplace

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 20% of Indian girls drop out of school after reaching puberty, according to the United Nations.

Going through a pain every month, recurring for over 3 decades, and considering it with a special care, would it be discrimination? 

Would it be discrimination if we say that only Women get Maternity leave? why should the women get such special treatment? Would we go to the extent of calling the concept of Maternity Leave as a need? 

I am sure there are people who would think why should women get this extra or special consideration and be entitled to a leave "just a single day leave" on their special day, every month, at their workplace as long as they are at workplace. To those ill informed or minds with less perspective, I say this

1. A pain that is recurring, a pain that lasts as a trend for Decades, an emotional disturbance

2. A world where Women is always seen as a someone less than a Man's ability, (ironically higher ratio of such people in India)

3. A difference in biology of a Women, makes her go through this regularly 

4. A day with pain, deserves a rest, especially when it is always going to be around

5. It should be an option for the Women to choose from, and not being recommended to be imposed

6. Someone with physical disability deserves a ramp to travel at workplace or around the world, laws are made to ensure the places, offices, residential areas, etc. are designed to accommodate such people, Is this discrimination

7. The special ability only the Women have to be able to conceive a seed, is special and the process that precedes such a holy and scared part of life, that starts during their teenage, that stays with them till about 80% of their lives, does it need to be deal with special care? Does it deserve the significance it deserves through Laws or be left for the discretion of people, who may or may not consider this regular, monthly, decades long pain as an element that must be given its due importance?

8. To those who may say that organizations have leaves, all employees are given the same to leverage, I say such leaves are for all employees for all such employees; a gender based, special circumstance , existing by the grace of nature, by the very virtue of the difference in the Biological difference, must be dealt with differently

My answer to all those who think, if such an aspect is necessary to be dealt with special laws; My answer would be a YES, it definitely deserves a better care, better consideration not just by attitudes (which may or may not change) but also by means of LAWS, by means of RIGHTS, by means of  obligation on the part of the governments

If it were up to people who think this aspect does not deserve special care, then MATERNITY LEAVE concept would never have been there

If it were up to people who think this aspect does not deserve special care, then CHILD RIGHTS concept would never have been there

SO, it is time that this need of the Women across the planet earth, must be recognized by all governments and special laws must be enacted which obligates the employers:

a. To provide 1 leave per month on the grounds of "SPECIAL LEAVE" for accommodating the concerns of Women employee of their most crucial day of the month filled with pain, by all kinds of employers

b. To provide in Schools/Colleges, as a matter of law, access to Sanitary Pads (free of cost), so the unforeseeable event can be dealt with dignity

c. To make sure, minimum budge is allocated, in full control of the principal's of the educational institutions, so they can construct separate Toilets for women, than leaving it for the girls to stop going to college once they hit their cycle. 

Well, all these need strong political will, and even better perspective for the ones who are in the position of making laws, to understand this as a need and not as a special case. Only then, shall this become a reality. 

When countries like, Indonesia, Zambia, Taiwan and South Korea have a One Day Paid Leave, to women, as a part of their Labour Laws, why are, The Worlds Largest Democracy behind ? Is it ignorance or is it because, we as a society do not think this as an issue of importance? 

The National Commissions for Women in India,  constituted under the "National Commission for Women Act, 1990, under section 10 (1) (c) & (d) can make such a recommendation to the Ministry of Women and Child Development, as safeguarding the rights of the Women is one and recommending changes to the laws is a primary responsibility of this institution

As a citizen of India, I strongly urge the Government of India to make special provision for Women at all workplaces, to be entitled to avail "ONE DAY PAID LAEVE, PER MONTH", on their special day and the women choose if they want to avail it or not as a matter of right, A WOMEN'S RIGHT. That shall be a true Labour Reform and not just claiming reforms. 

Jai Hind.

Vijay Gopal

President: Forum Against Corruption

Hyderabad, Telangana State, India