#ConsentMatters | Protect Women and Children from SEXTORTION

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Image and video based abuse are an epidemic in India - It has turned into a modus operandi by black mailers and harassers. Intimate images shared with partners are later used to harass, blackmail and made profit from. The Internet provides an open market for such content.

The term ‘non-consensual sharing of intimate images’ refers to the sharing or distribution by a social media service, relevant electronic service, or designated internet service of an image or video of a person or persons portrayed in a sexual or otherwise intimate manner, which has been shared without consent. This content might or might not have been obtained with the consent of the person depicted in the image or video. It is colloquially known as ‘revenge porn’ and commonly referred to as ‘image-based abuse’.

Petition to Minister of Women and Child Development, Smt. Smriti Irani, requesting the ministry to setup a Victim Support Safety Center.

Dear Smriti Irani Ji, we the students, activists, feminist organizations, citizens of India have a lot of hope in you.

The mandate of the victim support safety center will be :

  1. Prohibit the non-consensual posting of, or threatening to post, an intimate image on a ‘social media service’, ‘relevant electronic service’, e.g. email and SMS/MMS, or a ‘designated internet service’, e.g. websites and peer to peer file services.(Working closely with Social media/ Relevant electronic / Internet service providers, to take legal action against criminals posting such content )
  2. Establish a complaints and objections system to be administered by the Ministry. Victims or a person authorised on behalf of a victim will be able to lodge a complaint directly to the Ministry where there is reason to believe that an intimate image has been posted or threatened to be posted without consent.
  3. Facilitate the removal of an image where a person initially consented to an image being posted and then changed their mind and now wishes to have the image removed, by enabling them to give the Ministry an ‘objection notice’.
  4. An objection notice may also be lodged on behalf of that person so long as that person has been authorised to do so.  

We would also  request the ministry to take legal action not only against the individual posting non-consensual posts, but also the host.

Please consider our request.