Stop gender stereotyping in nursery education material.

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Gender stereotyping is a problem that all of us face at some level and at some point in our lives. The fact that it is ingrained in all of us by birth and is being reinforced by the books that are taught to kids till age 6, is really saddening. Its consequences include unequal access to opportunities, limiting of possibilities based on gender, unequal rights, creating restrictions on movement and behavior, emotional suppression etc. At such delicate age teaching girls that they can't aim high, to always act docile and that household is their sole domain whereas teaching boys that they can't cry, to always have it together and that they are superior to girls is surely something that no one wants. Concrete steps are needed to be taken by the concerned authorities, parents, teachers and infact each one of us.

  1. For the authorities it is suggested that they should set up a regulatory body to look into the content of the books and other material that is taught to the kids, change it if the need arises or even fix a standard set of books to be taught, spread awareness regarding the issue and hold workshops. 
  2. For parents it is suggested that they should try and identify whenever they gender stereotype. They should communicate with their kids about this issue. 
  3. The concerned teachers should also make sure that they do not gender stereotype at school during activities or while explaining the lessons, stories, poems etc. Communication is also the key here. The schools should also make a policy regarding this. 

I would like to conclude by just saying that if this problem is addressed by all of us collectively, it would be a great step towards a healthy and a fresh environment for the entire country. 

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