Stop Domestic violence against children and women

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In this lockdown period, where the whole family is inside the home together for longer periods and stressed out of the uncertainties of the future.., there is an increase in violence against the vulnerable, like women and children.

It's evident that already the no. Of calls and complaints had increased in this regard just after the lockdown started.., we are not sure how many are attended and how many couldn't call for help only.

We insist a quick action in this regard and also the neighborhood to be sensitised to help the vulnerable to come out and complain and seek help than sit and suffer.

Kindly spread and sign this petition, so many complaints are taken action quickly and also the neighborhood be vigilant and sensible enough to identify such issues and help them complain or call for help. 

If this continues, we may land up with more cases of mental stress and the future is in stake with more unhealthy generation of children growing up stressfully. 

Call 100/1096 for help if you are under Domestic violence and if you feel your neighbours need help. sign and forward this petition for quick action against these cases and to spread awareness.

Thanks in advance.

Indumathi Nirmalkumar