Mandate schools to conduct awareness sessions on sexual abuse for children

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Child sexual abuse is a national pandemic! Recent research indicates that every second child has experienced some form of sexual abuse. Abusers in most cases are people who are known to the child, often hold high positions and have a huge influence on organizations and social systems. 

Most abusers are neighbours, relatives, own family members (father, bother, sister, mother, grandparents), teachers in schools/ tuitions/training institutes. 98% of rapes being committed by people known to children.

Homes are not necessarily a safe space for children. They often do not share their experiences at home as they think that they will not be heard and believed.  

Schools can act as unbiased institutions, that can provide safe space for children to share and disclose abuse at homes and even at schools. Thus, it is necessary that sessions on child safety (safe and unsafe touch, and more) along with sex education are provided in every school.

A huge piece missing in the debate of child sexual abuse is - the impact of it on children and as adults. 

I am a survivor of child sexual abuse. I was abused when I was 6. And there was no one who has been able to understand what is happening and provided the help needed. It affected my academic performance, my self-confidence, how I approached challenges and opportunities. It also affects the issues, anxiety and depression. 

Many other survivors I know, have experienced severe mental and physical health issues. To name a few, obesity, addictions, suicidal tendencies, aches, pains, lower education levels, are common among survivors.

There is an URGENCY and EMERGENCY for schools to play an active role in the prevention of child abuse, and the existing support systems for children safety. 

This is a petition the Ministry of Women and Child Development, to make it mandatory for schools to talk conduct awareness and action around child sexual abuse.

It will take the children safe Support me in this cause!