Help women employees with kids less than 5 years old get child care support

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I am a working mother. I have a one year old kid. I work in the government sector. My husband  is an advocate. I am a teacher and I teach  undergraduate students.My first appointment was in a village, 200 kms away from my hometown as I had not much of a choice while choosing place of work then. When I was seven months pregnant I requested for a deputation to a college close to my hometown and was granted the same in July 2019. I stayed with my family for the childbirth and post partum care.

In January 2021 I have recieved a letter from the higher authorities to return to the college where I was appointed from the one I'm on deputation right now. The letter so received was sent at the behest of the employer at the previous college to cancel my deputation. Creche facility is neither available in that college nor anywhere within 10 kilometres of its vicinity. I need the support of my family in raising my one year old child and focus on my profession. My mother and husband are both working and they cannot come away to stay with me.If I stay away alone with the kid, all of my energy would be spent  on tending the child and my performance at the workplace would be negatively impacted. 

This is  not  just about me. There are so many working mothers who are  forced to stay away from their families and struggle alone to bring up their kids because they made a choice to work and not to quit. It would be a great help for so many working mothers if the employers let them stay close to their families till the child turns 5 years old.

I request the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India to make it mandatory for employers to let female employees with kids less than five years of age stay close to their hometown by including it  in Maternity Benefit Act 2017. Please sign my petition and help it reach the Ministry so that every working mother in our country will benefit from it.