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Government Protected Flexible Working Hours and Work Options for Mothers

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I am a working mother and I would like to manage my career and children successfully.

Although there are a few options currently available to help working mothers juggle effectively between work and family, I don’t think they are enforced correctly or as thoroughly as they could be.

Generally, either the mother gives up on her promising career or ends up leaving her kids in the child care centers, often unwillingly.

There are innumerable articles on the web that discuss about the guilt of a working mother, but there are not enough laws to help prevent the condition.

The problem

1.       Not enough companies encourage flexible working hours

2.       Not enough companies encourage work from home hours/days

3.       Not enough part time jobs

4.       Not enough flexibility and understanding when a child falls sick – forcing a       parent to choose between work and taking the child to day-care, making the   situation worse.

The above issues compel the parents, especially the mother, to either give up on her career and/or leave the child in day-care centres.

I believe, for the overall development of a child, spending time at home with parents is also an important aspect of the child's growth and happiness.

The solution

1.       Government mandated jobs to allow mothers to work during school hours   (paid accordingly).

2.       Govt mandated laws to protect working mothers and not discriminate them  based on her other responsibilities

3.        More WFH options especially during school vacation

4.        Allow fathers to also have flexible working hours

How does the Govt Benefit?

When working-mothers choose to let go of their career, it effects the economy.

Families now relying on one source of income may develop a reliance on Centrelink.

However, if appropriately flexible jobs were available in professional industries, not just retail and food service, then Centrelink payments would reduce.

It would also mean that Australia could have a higher happiness index

Would it affect current child care industry?

No. I am talking about mothers who have already given up their career completely to look after their kids. So, such children do not attend day-care.

Also, sensible parents understand that sending kids to vacation/after-school/etc. care can be incredibly beneficial for a child. It helps the child become independent and improves social skills. So, if the mothers who are currently not working can work part time, they would send their kids to vacation care during school vacation because they can afford to, and there will be a need for the kids to go to vacation care when the mother is working but only for reduced hours.

I am in no way advocating against day-cares or the child care industry. I am just asking for more options for mothers who are qualified to work.

It’s completely a choice to work or be a stay-at home-mum but there certainly should be options that help us make that choice.

Lack of options should not be a viable reason for a woman to become a stay-at-home-mum in a developed country in the year 2018.

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