Report Water leakage, Save Society & India

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I have observed water leakage on roads. I am not worried about that. But I am worried that there is no way to report the incident. So can't we change this?

Yes, together we can.

But How?


What should Government do?

Government should maintain a separate portal to raise an incident, as Indian Railways do.

Around 3 months back, I have reported a complaint that there is leakage of water on a station platform through

I am glad that

  • I received a mail and message confirmation that my complaint is registered
  • I received a mail and message confirmation that the raised complaint is resolved, after few weeks

See how good it is.


What should we do?

I request everyone, who reads this petition should analyze the importance of this. Once remember the days, where we used to fight against each other around a water tanker, when the local authorities inform that water will not be supplied for 2-3 days. We feel very bad and we scold Government for their irresponsibility. 

Then what are we? Are we responsible?


We should remember that there is no life without food and water. It is our responsibility to acknowledge this major issue and raise our voice to Government. Let them know that, we care for ourselves and Indians.


  Finally, just one click and share will change the lives of many billions