Equal Opportunity for Trinidad & Tobago Subsea Professional Nationals

Equal Opportunity for Trinidad & Tobago Subsea Professional Nationals

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Subsea Professionals Trinidad & Tobago started this petition to Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of Labor Trinidad & Tobago and

In the local Subsea industry, foreign professionals are continuously being allowed to enter Trinidad & Tobago and benefit from available opportunities locally and or, execute scopes of work that can be safely and effectively conducted remotely from their home countries. 

We believe we can provide substantial evidence for the Ministry's consideration in service of challenging the necessity for approvals of requested Work Permits. There simply is no need to issue a work permit where the exclusive behaviors are allowed to continue with impunity where Trinidadian and Tobagonians are displaced. 

We would also like to bring to the fore, reports of foreign entities which abuse the existing framework where they enter the country for the purpose of working when they have not made appropriate declarations resulting in the Government of Trinidad and Tobago being misled and ultimately allowing access to work opportunities which ordinarily go to Trinidadians and Tobagonians 

These reports have continuously been made for over 15 years to the Government of Trinidad & Tobago with no resolution and or protection allowing operators such as BPTT to continuously and deliberately dismiss the expectations around local content.(This is the most recent example that can be substantiated). This is extended to the approved subsea contractors engaged by BPTT and others. Our intention is not to scandalize BpTT and or any other operator guilty of these deliberate exclusionary behaviors but to hold such offenders ACCOUNTABLE so they can partner and address with local professionals without encouraging victimization of any National.

We have had feedback on other entities engaging Mexican subsea professionals to conduct a scope of work in Trinidadian Waters. Our history of Diving and other associated subsea activities in our waters is very rich with one of the lowest fatality rates in the world. This translates to our competence and safety record for conducting these activities.

There appears to be deliberate victimization and exclusion towards any professional who reports or challenges the deliberate exclusionary behaviors of the above mentioned operators This too can be substantiated in some form or manner and requires intervention. This allows for justification of the displacement of qualified, experienced and competent subsea professionals in their home country. There is little to no equal opportunity for development and maintenance of relevant certifications and competencies for Trinidadians and Tobagonians.

Trinidadian & Tobagonian Professionals affected are as follows:

  • Commercial Divers 
  • Client Representatives /Construction Vessel Representatives 
  • ROV Pilots
  • Marine Observers
  • Offshore Construction Managers
  • Construction Manager
  • Project Engineers/ Coordinators

Help us put an end to the deliberate exclusion and displacement of Trinidadian and Tobagonians who find it extremely difficult to earn a living in their home country.

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At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!