Pledge to Use Low-Energy Everyday Modes of Transport

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In 2015, 26% of the greenhouse gas (GG) emissions in Canada came from the gas and oil sector. Another 24% came from the transportation sector.

Though you may not believe it is a big deal, our individual commuting choices have had a huge impact on our changing climate. Almost 60% of our individual greenhouse gas emissions stem from transportation - this could include constantly driving to your destinations or taking the bus to school.

As youth and residents of Mississauga, there are very simple actions you can take to improve your commuting choices to ones that will benefit the state of our environment. Instead of having your parents drive you to school, walk or bike. If you are not within these distances, you could invest in a bus pass or find a friend to carpool with to school.

By signing this petition, you are putting forth the conscious effort to make our community one that is more eco-friendly and environmentally aware. Thank you!