Install a traffic light at Elements Casino Flamboro entrance/exit

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When I took my parents to the casino, I realized how difficult and dangerous it is to make a left turn out of the parking lot. The speed limit on Highway 5 at this location is 80 km/h and many are travelling at much higher speeds. When making a left turn to exit, you must look past the incoming right turn lane, which significantly blocks the view of oncoming through traffic. 

When leaving the casino or the raceway, there is often a long line of cars waiting to turn left. This line results in many drivers being impatient or rushing their turn. It is possible that many may have wins or losses on their mind, which may make them less focused on driving safely, making it very dangerous. There are also many loaded dump trucks travelling on this highway. There have been a number of serious accidents at this location.

The most logical solution seems to be the installation of a traffic light at this location, which is triggered by the cars leaving the casino. This would help to reduce accidents and create a safer environment for citizens seeking entertainment in our community.

I have contacted the City of Hamilton and was advised that this is a provincial road and therefore a provincial matter.

I have contacted Donna Skelly's office and they were extremely helpful. They initiated a Ministry of Transportation study of this location and the Ministry determined that it does not warrant a traffic light.

I do not believe that the protection of our community, especially including many seniors who frequent this casino, is not warranted. We need to protect the citizens of our community.

Please join me in signing this petition to protect all of our friends and family members.