Crosswalk at dangerous crossing

Crosswalk at dangerous crossing

June 4, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by kira carroll-izard

To Whom It May Concern,

             The purpose of this letter/petition is to request that the Ministry of Transportation consider the functionality and safety issues at the Cobble Hill Road and Thain Road intersection, specifically around the potential construction of a crosswalk with a flashing guard. We request that the issues presented herein be considered in the management decisions. Making such street improvements will enhance the safety of the people who reside in the Town of Cobble Hill.

Part 1.

             Before addressing the current, problematic crossing issues at Thain road and Cobble Hill road, we would like to state the following:

First, we recognize that potential budget allowance for any projects might be low, considering a pandemic and other road maintenance around the municipality. We also recognize that even if our concerns were to somehow push through, there would be a long analysis and design process. We simply wish to make the presence of this issue aware.

Second, although we are only pointing out a single issue regarding a proper crosswalk the section of Cobble Hill road directly after (Gallagher road and Cobble Hill road intersection) leads into a blind corner.  We believe that with a proper crossing guard installment the potential risks of collisions would be significantly lowered.

Third, we believe that we are fulfilling our civic duty in calling these issues to your attention. We understand that our municipality covers a wide range across the Cowichan Valley Area and it might be difficult to know of certain dangers within specific areas. As such, we view informing you of the nature and locations of unsafe roadways as doing our part for the betterment of the community.

Part 2

 Now, to address the current, problematic crossing of Cobble Hill road to Thain road intersection and our suggestions for long-term improvements:

The speed limit on Cobble Hill road is 50kmh and advisory speed starting at the Thain road intersection going into the blind corner at Gallagher road is 30 kmh.  The majority of drivers exceed this limit. Currently there is a hazard sign and a horse crossing sign at the Thain intersection but no other features to indicate crossing.

There are several reasons to cross at this particular section of the Cobble Hill road. Many residents who live in area will take Cobble Hill road and cross to Thain road to attend recreational activities on Cobble Hill Mountain; bike riding at the bike park, horse-back riding, hiking or attending the dog park. Other reasons that attract heavy pedestrian traffic to that intersection is the city bus stop and mail boxes on Thain road. Many district user groups access this intersection by walking along the shoulder of Cobble Hill road. This includes residents who live on or around the Gallagher road; bus commuters; dog walkers; runners; horse-back riders; and cyclists from the entire neighborhood and adjacent areas.

Cobble Hill road and the Thain road intersection is dangerous for multiple reasons. One is that there are numerous drivers that exceed the speed limit. There is also heavy traffic flow for large commercial trucks, often turning into Thain road. The concern is that due to the blind corner and lack of sidewalk on Cobble Hill road, there is a potential for collision. In fact this is an accident wating to happen.

Because of the narrow shoulder on Cobble Hill road, the multitude of large commercial trucks and drivers who exceed the speed limit. Many pedestrians are exposed to being potentially hit by a car or a bus as they are walking very close to the cars and waiting to cross the street.

Part 3.

In conclusion, we request that the Ministry of Transportation and the Community of Planning Division discuss plans of action regarding the installment of a crosswalk and flashing guard at the Thain and Cobble Hill road intersection.

  We understand that flashing guard and related street improvement projects are expensive. However, the Thain and Cobble Hill road intersection pose great danger to pedestrians, cyclists, horse-back riders and dog walkers.

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Signatures: 225Next Goal: 500
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