Concession 10 & Conession 12 Sunnidale Add set of Lights Due to # of potential accidents

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I am aware of the road changes that have occured to reduce the amount of accidents that occur at Concession 10 Sunnidale & Concession 12 Sunnidale, In clearview. The amount of accident that I personally have witnessed, as well as the amount of potential accidents I have witnessed happen at this concession, shows that a change needs to happen.
People are not stopping at the stop signs, they are to eager to go before waiting on traffic to stop flowing. I personally was in a bad car accident feb 4th 2016, In this spot. I was the first accident to occur here since they had changed the roads. I personally witnessed another bad accident happen very similar to mine not long after I had been in my own tragic event. After my accident had happened, I was participating in a driving course, for anxiety to help enhance my driving ability to be able to react before an incident were to happen. As well as becoming comfortable driving these roads again, While doing these driving sessions with a skilled and highly trained driving instructor from "Skill Builders Physiotherapy Rehab", my Driving instructor and myself, had stopped at this concession as part of the anxiety part, and In no exaggeration, within 5 mins of sitting there and watching the flow of traffic throughout this concession, We had seen not just one driver go through the stop signs, but several others as well. I Unfortunately know the affects of the things you face do to people not using the roads and rules for not only their safety, but others as well. People Do not stop at this concession. They feel as though because it does not seem to be monitored by police much, they do not care to go through stop sign, or feel its necessary to come to a complete stop. 
I am wanting to see a set of lights to be places at this concession to help ensure that the people within the community, or those who have to do that drive, are at more safety, and can be comfortable on their daily commute. 
Today is Nov 14th 2017. My father called me almost crying, because as he was driving down concession 12, a man drove through concession 10 almost hitting my father and my dog. My father slammed on his breaks and his truck was forced to turn do to the immediate decision he had to make because of the person who failed to stop. My dog is scared to get into the car now, because she was thrown into the dash due to almost a potential impact this person made because they don't follow the rules of the road. 
I know a set of lights will help ensure this can be prevented. Having a set of lights shows more flow of traffic that these roads take on a daily basis. The amount of people I know that fear that concession is absurd. 
Please help sign this petition and make a change to this concession, It needs to be done for the safety for everyone. Unfortunately people do not pay attention to stop signs, and fail to fully stop. With a set of lights, It does force the individual to stop more so than stop signs. Even if they are at large. The size of the stop sign does not help anyone. The problems are still occurring and this needs to be stopped. I have proof of these impacts, Both my own and the few i have witnessed. Photos of the damage that has been done because it seems to not be the proper set up for the amount of traffic that these concessions undergo in a day. I am not going to stop Until these changes have been made. 
Please help sign, and make this change. I cannot watch another family be hurt because the lack of safety involvement. 

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