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Respected Sir,

 Unemployed youths of Bengal are being lured by evil Multi-National Companies again, Some of these companies having roots in Japan (Ola) and some in United States of America (Uber), It is just a recap of 300 years ago evil tradition which was first played by the Britishers in Bengal by East India Company and now by Japan and USA through companies like Ola and Uber, Today they are doing same thing but strategy is little different, These companies promises their gullible prey that they will be earning “ ₹ ONE LAKH PER MONTH” just by adding a cab in their cab hailing company for which they always have to buy a car on EMI, due to lack of funds they take loans and then burden themselves with huge sum of loans amounting from five to ten lakhs which they have to pay back as EMI for around 3-5 years, but sadly people never saw their promised money ever. Uber & Ola spent a huge sum of money as marketing gimmicks by giving unrealistic bonuses up to ₹ 400/ Trip as Bonuses and Incentives to lure drivers but now a days the story is totally opposite. These companies take at least 1/5th i.e around 20% as their cut from the drivers hard earned money and sometime even charge unethical penalties and always set unrealistic goals for their drivers to achieve, for which some drivers stay online for about 18 hours per day, and then also they are sometime unable to pay their EMI, Fuel charges, Garage Rentals, and Maintenance costs and many other hidden expenses which is described below in details.

Uber Ola is charges their passengers at ₹ 7 / KM normally and deduct their commission 20% and Govt fees at 5% in total drivers are paid approx. 75% after deduction which sums up around ₹ 5.25 /KM. In-Trip time charges is ₹ 1 and after deducting fees 25% it is ₹ 0.75

In a month if a car runs for 4000 km in trips they get ₹ 6 * 4000 = ₹ 24,000/- monthly.

In-Trip time charge for 8 hours / Day * 30 days* .75 paisa / Minute = ₹ 10,600/- monthly,

and if some targets are achieved, which is very hard to achieve due to increasing numbers of cabs day by day, then Incentives are given which is sometimes maximum 8000 per month and minimum is always ZERO. 

Therefore, Total earning per month = ₹ 10600 + ₹ 24000 + ₹ 8000 = ₹ 44,000/-

Breakup of Monthly expenses of an Average Uber Ola / Cab / Meru  / Cabs

1.     EMI for 36 Month Instalment.  (3 Years)                                          => 18,000/-

2.     Fuel 160 KM/Day @ 12 KM/L @ ₹ 57 /L Diesel = 13.3*57*30        => 22,750/-

3.     Garage Rental in Kolkata Monthly @ Municipality Corporation      =>   1,250/-

4.     Annual Insurance Renewal Cost with Third Party @ ₹ 24,000/-     =>   2,000/-

5.     Periodic Maintenance on every 10,000 KM, Rs 3000/2 Months     =>   1,500/-

6.     CF Costs with some denting and full body painting Rs 24,000/-   =>   2,000/-

7.     Tax Token + Music System Tax @ 9,600/-                                  =>          800/-

8.     Mobile Maintenance cost with Calling and Internet Pack           =>      700/-

9.     Unavoidable Police Cases for no entry and stop line violation     =>   1,000/-
                                                                                  Total Expenditure =  50,000/-

Total Expenditure = ₹ 50,000  - Total Earning = ₹ 44,000  = Total Loss of Rs 6,000/-

           Bank and financers will recover their money by auctioning the cars and Government is getting Taxes in each and every possible ways from buying new car (VAT + Service Tax + Many other tax) to renewing Permit, Road Tax, Tax Tokens, Insurance, Music System Tax, Vehicle CF, Pollution, Police case, Corporation Garage Fees. Even on fuel there is huge taxes and all of these goes in government pocket, Passengers are also winner because previously in normal AC Taxi ₹ 15/KM was charges but now they get Luxury Cab with music system and free Wi-Fi at only ₹ 6 to 8 / KM.

   Uber and Ola have already cheated the innocent unemployed youth of Bengal who have already invested their family life saving of ₹ 1 to 3 lakh as down payment to get the cab and are now unable to pay their EMI and their Bank and Financers have even started towing their only source of income their cars from them, It’s a very high time for drivers and these companies are on the way of creating a multibillion dollar scam in India just by fooling drivers and cab owners.





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