Partners Dissatisfaction on E-Hailing Monopoly Methodology.

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Dear All,

Representing E-Hailing Driver Community.
We have formed a group of Drivers with a strength of 60 and counting.

We have experienced some anomalies in the system.
GRAB monopolizes the system because of size and the owning of a large database. New players eventually share the cake but there is plenty of room for improvement.

Problems faced by the E-Hailing Drivers in this monopoly by GRAB Malaysia :-

1) Indiscriminate Banning
2) Indiscriminate Suspension
3) Fare is too Low and Commision of 20-25 % of fares and incentives.
4) No Consideration for Drivers-( biased towards passengers)
5) No Proper and fair Investigations on passenger complaints- non disclosure of specific complaints and complainant.
6) No Proper Agreement between Company and Driver-partner ; lopsided with all benefits and decisions made beneficial towards Grab
7) Company Fails to Educate Passengers.
8) PickUp radius varies.
9) Drivers are Verified by Grab vis a vis JPJ, Police but Passengers are not Verified.
10)Abuse of Platform- "master and slave" approach by Grab towards Driver-partners
11) Poor Conduct of Passengers are overlooked by GRAB.

The power of modern technology is great and the Government is encouraging Digital business.
We fully support the business model but we find that the Company is abusing the platform to ensure profitability and loyalty of passengers.
Many Drivers are depending on this system for their livelihood.This system assists many Jobless members to have an income. If they get suspended or banned it will effect the livelihood of their families.

We propose a neutral or 3rd party body to look after the three parties interests- transport ministry and or Human Resources Ministry.
Drivers are said to be Business Partners of E-Hailing Provider but Driver-partners are treated as “ subcontractors “ or " slaves" and are subjected to the whims and fancies of Grab.The varying number of days to "cash-out" from the "cash wallet" for different drivers who has the personal accounts in the same banks reflect on a "divide and rule" policy.
As Driver-partners we suggest a few improvements.


Full names of passengers as per their NRIC or passports to be displayed on app
( names such as "iPhone",fancy names and numbers etc should be disallowed.)

Banning & Suspension of Drivers

Should be done by an accredited neutral 3rd party.
This will ensure non biased inquiries with revelation of specific details and appropriate disciplinary action if and when required with ample opportunities for drivers to defend him or herself.
Company should create a Code of Conduct for Drivers and Passengers.

Fare & Commission.

Accounting body to be assigned to regulate the fare & commission and pickup radius.

Highway Tolls and Routes

Drivers reserve the right to decide on optimum routes.

Code of Conduct.

Ministry Of Transport to audit the role of E-Hailing companies to prevent abuse of monopoly. Create awareness to both parties to understand e-hailing platform.
The E-Hailing Provider must be Fair to all so that there’s a win win situation for the company, Drivers and Passengers.

A transparent investigation team will lead to a fair and just system for all parties concerned.
To be fair, the problematic drivers should be counselled and if no improvement the system can remove those drivers after a fair and just inquiry where the driver is given ample opportunity to defend him or herself. Likewise problematic passengers should also be hauled up and if they remain adamant with similar behavior should be barred from using the app. A provision should be made on the app for the drivers to rate the passengers with a rating of one to five stars.This will enable fellow drivers to ignore "potential" problematic passengers and passengers would also be wary of making unreasonable demands.

E-Hailing Provider to organize regular small group meetings with drivers to exchange information.

As Driver-Partners we look forward to be treated as such and work together to continuously improve the E-Hailing Platform for the benefit of all parties concerned.

Thank You.